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How Is The Science Of Acupressure Of Relevance Today Than Ever Before

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Well are you looking out for a good foot acupressure massage ? Yes! Well just like you many others love a good foot rub. Are you aware of the existence of this science? This science of foot massage dates to ancient Egypt and China. Some 5,000 years ago our ancestors were rubbing each other’s feet. It was in the 1800s that the Europeans invented reflexology. Through the application of pressure to a person’s feet in order to affect a physical change to the body. The pressure application is based on a system of zones and reflex areas. These correspond to other parts of the body. 


Have you ever thought how much stress your feet go through each day? Nobody part is more abused than your feet. From standing, to running and jumping your feet do it all! As per reflexologists your overall health begins in the feet and travels up. The benefits of foot massage are endless. Adding to how great it feels! Although there are no “hard facts” to prove what a foot massage can really do. Both practitioners and patients alike claim that reflexology can: 

✔️ Cure colds/minor ailments

✔️ Prevent/cure diseases

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Which All Are The Health Benefits Of Acupressure Massage Slippers

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The usage of this healthcare product for application of pressure to the left and right feet, there is help in the healing of ailments of your body! Reflexologists segregate the body into ten zones which are divided into five areas on each side. All parts of the body are represented in these areas. Consequently, these Acupressure Massage Slippers were created to heal your body, through your feet!


Find an infographic on product benefits at the end of this post here.⭐☺️✔️


The product is made from an EVA material which is soft, comfortable to wear with a long life. These massage points. . .

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