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Hair Regrowth Laser Treatment Comb

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Infrared Light And Bio-Stimulating Vibration Technology, Stops Hair Loss, Regrow Thicker & Healthier Hair Today!

Experience Laser Phototherapy at a lower cost wherever and whenever you like. This revolutionary laser comb is a non-surgical breakthrough which brings dramatic effects to men and women who are suffering the damages of hair loss. This device is technologically tested in professional clinics around the world to deliver guaranteed results.

With hair laser therapy, a healthier and thicker hair is within reach. All you need to do is comb your hair slowly for 10-15 minutes, everyday. It is suitable for all types of hair, whether coloured or not so you don’t need to worry. 

Our Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Comb is designed to help stop hair loss and makes hair grow thicker, stronger and healthier. Its unique vibration mode provides deep massage that stimulates circulation and helps hair grow thicker! Hair-loss affects your self-esteem and the image other people have of you. If you are losing hair, you need a safe, easy to use solution, and one that works. Effective and Guaranteed! Forget about those costly treatments that have to be used regularly and that only make your expenses grow.


Precision laser nourishes the root of the hair and helps make hair follicles thicker. The vibrations increase blood flow. Studies show that the combined action of 3 beams of light plus a massage function significantly increases hair strength and stops hair loss. It has been medically and statistically proven that our Hair Regrowth Laser Treatment Comb will provide you with the effective results you need.

      Hair laser combs are a drug-free alternative for treating hair loss. They are a non-invasive non-chemical approach to growing thicker, fuller, healthier hair. Lasers have been utilised for hair regrowth therapy for over 18 years now, but laser combs are the first handy tools you can use right at home.

      Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Comb Features:

      • Stops hair loss and makes hair grow thicker, stronger and healthier
      • A total of 19 lasers bathe the scalp in gentle therapeutic light
      • 7 Red 660 Nanometre Energy Diodes stimulate the deepest parts of hair follicles
      • 7 Blue 470 Nanometre Energy Diodes regenerates surface of the hair follicles
      • High precision Laser Beam Window nourishes the root of the hair and helps makes hair follicles thicker
      • For both men and women from 18 to 80
      • Bio Stimulating Vibration technology
      • Stimulates the deepest part of scalp
      • Regenerates hair surface
      • Nourishes roots and makes hair follicles thicker
      • Increases blood flow
      • Significantly increases hair strength & stops hair loss
      • 10-15 minutes everyday, 8-12 weeks visible results

      Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Comb Specifications:

      • Colour: Black 
      • 7 Blue 470NM Energy Diodes
      • 7 Red 660NM Energy Diodes
      • Red Light: Stimulates the Deepest Part of the Scalp
      • Blue Light: Regenerates Surface of Hair

      Package Includes:

      1 x Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Comb

      1 x Massage Comb

      1 x Manicure Set

      1 x Brush

      1 x User manual 

      Due to high demand please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery