Face Lift Mask

Face Lift Mask

Face Lift Mask

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Face fat, chubby cheeks, double chin; no matter what you call it, that extra unwanted chunk of fat bothers most of us. Even if you are pretty much in good shape otherwise, getting rid of fat from your face is not an easy task. You can diet all you want or workout as much as you like, directly targeting stubborn face fat is not an easy task.

This revolutionary fat-burning face lift mask has been strategically designed to effectively put your facial muscles under targeted stress so that you burn the unwanted fat but not feel any sort of discomfort even from long term usage. Designed to last long and feel comfortable, it is manufactured by using high quality elastic, coated with soft and smooth cushioning at the top to avoid skin problems.

Targeted Stress: The structure of the mask applies even amount of force on face tissues, helps in proper blood circulation and tighten cheek, neck and chin muscles for enhanced jawline. Along with strengthening the facial muscles, it helps to get rid of the sagging loose skin by reducing the excessive fat from the face.

Long lasting Comfort: Made with Chloroprene rubber, these face lift masks are elastic enough to cover your face effectively without losing shape or causing any discomfort to you. High quality velcro patches ensure that it stays on for as long as you want. Covered with soft and smooth cushioning at the top helps to maintain the texture of your facial skin and avoid any skin rashes or itchiness.

#SpotReduction #SexyJawline

Use for 20-40 minutes at a time. If you feel discomfort, take the mask off

Adjust tightness as per your face structure

Do not use it to cover wounds

Do not use while sleeping or bathing

Keep away from heat and sharp objects

Not recommended for children, pregnant women and people with heart/blood pressure problems or skin issues

Keep away from the reach of children 


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