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Miracle V-Shaped Slimming Mask

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This has been tested and proven to work effectively even by famous influencers all around the world.

This special V-Shaped Mask is the new revolutionary way to look 10 years younger by making your face slimmer, smoother and firmer without the need for any painful or expensive medical procedure!

V - Line gives a smooth clear face line when you use this product repeatedly and steadily. Reduce fine lines and increase skin's firmness and elasticity on the lower haw chin and neck areas!

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How do these work?

✅ These special V-masks helps to shape the chin area while lifting and defining the lower part of the faceby stimulating the reduction of fat deposits and fine lines along the application area.
    ✅ It works by stretching the skin up to make it firmer giving you the perfect slim shape while reducing facial fat, nasolabial folds and wrinkles.
      ✅ Because of it's unique moisturising effect, it repairs and stimulate cell regeneration. Your skin will feel more hydrated and replenished after using, solving rough and dry skin problems.

        *Note: We do not guarantee specific results since results may vary from person to person based on factors like skin tone, age, and method of application.*


        🌟 Made from 100% natural ingredients, it has been scientifically proven to  work with thousands of people worldwide. 
          🌟 This moisture rich essence slimming mask is 100% harmless to skin and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

            🌟 Highly recommended by estheticians all over the world, it will help you sculpt your face perfectly in as little as 14 days.
              🌟 Simply wear it everyday for 30 minutes and watch the miracle happen right in front of you within 2 weeks. Your family and friends will be shocked!

              HOW TO USE IT?

              Step 1: Wash your face and make sure it's clean and dry then remove both of the masks from the package. 

              Step 2: Wrap the first mask around your chin and hang it on your ears. 

              Step 3: Wrap the second mask above the first mask just below your nose and hang it on your ears. 

              Step 4: Wear it for 20-30 minutes, remove and store it in a cool and dry place. Repeat the process up to 3 times per set (re-usable!).


              ☑ For optimal results, please wear the mask once a day for 15 days straight. Then 3 times per week afterward. 8 sets are required to complete your care. Do not substitute your daily skin care to this product. It is a different type of care.


              "These work unbelievably well!"

              These work unbelievably well! Just after 3 days of using 30 minutes a day following the instructions, I really noticed that my face got slimmer and the V-shape is more apparent now. Friends that I hadn't seen for awhile asked me if I had gone to face liposuction surgery! I feel so much younger now!

                - Neha Singh, 38.
                "Cheaper and more effective than Botox"

                I did a facial lift 2 years ago and I was kinda satisfied with the results but it was very expensive. Ever since I have been looking a cheaper alternative to re-shape my Chinese friend recently recommended me this and let me tell you what.. they are so much cheaper and at least as effective as Botox. My face now has that sweet V-line curve! Keep your skin care along to keep your results!

                  - Sukriti Sharma., 53.
                  "The most effective mask I've used"

                  I literally tried all kind of masks out there and none of them seemed to work as good as these ones. From all the big beauty companies to my local store, this is by far the most effective one I have used! I'm buying some for my friends and sister to try out.

                    - Sneha Pandey, 61