Orthopaedic Toe & Bunion Corrector

Orthopaedic Toe & Bunion Corrector

Orthopaedic Toe & Bunion Corrector

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Struggling with pain and inflammation on your feet caused by Bunions, Hallux Vagus, and Crooked Toes? Well, correct all of these in a gentle, comfortable, and yet very effective way using the Orthopaedic Toe & Bunion Corrector.

This medical grade silicone corrector will ease discomfort and pain on your feet by just wearing. It effectively aligns toes properly, soothes aching feet, relaxes toes, and even corrects body posture—basically rejuvenating your overall posture and balance!

⭐ BUNION CORRECTION. This corrector is guaranteed to correct and align your toes back to a more natural position. You'll feel more relieved once your toes are properly aligned.


    ⭐ INSTANT PAIN RELIEF. Ease discomfort and pain caused by Hallux Vagus, Bunion, Crooked Toes.
    ⭐ REDUCES INFLAMMATION. This splint provides complete relief from inflammation by reducing friction, pressure, and inflammation caused by uneven positioning of toes.

    Correct Toe Alignment for Improved Balance

    • With the correct alignment of the toes, this improves balance and posture!
    • THREE-ARCH SUPPORT. This support design evenly distributes pressure across the arch, heel, and ball, thus correcting posture. With constant use of this, it corrects and/or prevents hip displacement and muscle imbalances. It fixes knock-knee and bow-leg, too!

    • MOBILIZATION BALANCE. Regain your balance by correcting the Subtalar Joint, once you do, you can run, walk and function normally with great balance!


    Soft, Quality Comfort & Bunion Relief

    • SOFT & COMFORTABLE TO USE. This corrector is made from a medical-grade silicone which makes it comfortable to wear! It's also flexible virtually making it useable by anyone!
    • WASHABLE & REUSABLE. After using, just clean with warm water and soap!

    The Orthopedic Toe & Bunion Corrector is a natural way to provide proper foot alignment and effectively reduce pain in the feet. So, get back on your feet—run and walk as if you've never done it before!


    Material/s: Medical-Grade Silicone

    Size: Approx. 9 x1.6 x2.5 cm / 2cm (big toe diameter) / 1.3cm (small cap diameter) / 0.25cm (thickness)

    Gender: Unisex