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Owgels Oxystar 1-7L Adjustable Flow Oxygen Concentrator - 2021 Model

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  • The oxygen concentrator is a medical device that concentrates oxygen from ambient air. Atmospheric air has about 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen, with other gases making up the remaining 1%.
  • The concentrator is among the most sought-after devices for oxygen therapy, especially among patients in home isolation.
  • It is made of German Technology with French Molecular Sieve & has an Oxygen Concentration of 93%±3% (It has a German Process Air Compressor, French Molecular Sieve, Frosted Plastic Shell, Silent pulley, LCD, High-quality Motor and Anti-aging Test).
  • The product can be used for 2 people at the same time & has an application range of 0-5000 m altitude.
  • The product is Eco friendly & its main uses are Oxygen Generation & Atomization Function.

Caution: It is advised to use it with a doctor recommendation only, please note that we are not technically associated with a medical background thus it doesn't verify whether it fulfills your medical requirement. Hence, we recommend you to consult your doctor before using the same.


  • Model: OZ-1-08TM0
  • Dimension: 350 mm X  235 mm X 280 mm
  • Weight: 6.1 Kg
  • Function: Oxygen Generation, Nebulization
  • Oxygen Concentration Range: ≥90% (V/V)
  • Input Power Range: 200 VA
  • Average Sound Pressure Level: ≤60dB (A)
  • Electrical Requirements: 220V 50Hz (Customized)
  • Certification-CE & SGS
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Curved Cubic.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Pc X Owgels Portable Oxygen Generator Concentrator (1L/Min )

Layer Description
  • Surface Layer: It is a UPVC ultra-weather resin to block the solar ultraviolet rays and reduce the coefficient heat conductivity by ensuring product durability and resistance to chemical corrosion.
  • Intermediate layer: The special PVC structure and material are special for heat and sound insulation.
  • Underlying layer: This is the bottom layer which ensures toughness & strength at the same time & increases rigidity.

What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

  • An oxygen concentrator is a portable machine that generates oxygen from the air for use at home. It is a medical device that draws in air from the environment and passes it through molecular sieve beds to concentrate room oxygen to therapeutic levels for delivery.
  • An oxygen concentrator is a suitable and favorable option for administering point-of-care oxygen, especially where cylinders and piped systems are inappropriate or unavailable.

What are the advantages of Oxygen Concentrator?

  • Oxygen Concentrator uses a filtering process by which it filters, compresses the air in the premises, and converts it into medical-grade oxygen.
  • An Oxygen Concentrator is easily movable within the premises it is set. Oxygen Cylinders are bulky hence it is advised to be kept stationary in one place.
  • There is a huge risk of leakage with Oxygen Cylinders which is completely negated in the case of the Oxygen Concentrator.
  • Oxygen Concentrators do not need any refilling or replacement as it is using oxygen from the atmosphere to synthesize oxygen. Cylinders need to be refilled and replaced frequently, hence the product can be used for a longer time with no worries.
  • It avoids the cost of refiling Oxygen Cylinders over time as they need constant replacement.

What is the ease of use?

  • Owgels Oxygen Concentrator has a clear LED display and buttons. It is a very user-friendly device to operate and can be done with minimum supervision.
  • Owgels Oxygen Concentrator can be moved freely within your premises ( Home or Institution).
  • If you experience low blood oxygen levels due to multiple reasons, Owgels Oxygen Concentrator can assist with your specific oxygen saturation needs.
  • With Owgels Oxygen Concentrator, you are not dependent on any external institutions for getting your oxygen saturation levels within normal levels, when you are low on blood oxygen levels, you can use it on your own.

14 Day Refund Policy

  • We offer a 100% Refund & Replacement Guarantee if the product is not as shown or is defective/damaged. Products must be returned in their original condition and packaging with all including parts. 
  • If in case it is damaged or defective it needs to be reported within 24 hours of the delivery of your order.
  • Please contact Buyidu Customer Support at for anything related to refund and returns. 


  • This product comes with a 6 months offsite warranty. Units will only be repaired under offsite warranty where returned strictly within the warranty period.
  • You will be required to pay the shipping cost to us, we will pay the return shipping back to you provided that the unit is repaired under warranty. Faulty units will be repaired free of charge under the warranty.
  • Any units damaged due to customer abuse, damage due to electricity, or attempted repair by any unauthorized persons will have the warranty voided.


  • Since this is a medical product, we always recommend to our buyer to make a video while opening the box & using it, it will ensure that the product delivered to you safely & all the accessories are available in the box. It will help in claiming the product support during the warranty period.