Rotary Head Electric Toothbrush

Rotary Head Electric Toothbrush

Rotary Head Electric Toothbrush

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Are you someone who brushes your teeth twice or even thrice a day and still do not have the white shiny set of teeth? Switch to the automated way of brushing for improved cleansing experience.

The effective motion: Dentists always recommend brushing your teeth using a circular motion to effectively clean the plaque but for most of us it is a task that is easier said than done. These electric toothbrushes are designed to mimic the desired circular motion to clean the teeth properly and quickly too. The toothbrush comes along with 4 Dupont brush heads which are made from long lasting silicon for the best results.

One motion start: Enabled with one click start, the brush gets into action the moment you turn it on, the narrow bristles helps a lot to maneuver the brush so as to reach every nook and corner and clean your teeth efficiently. Large handle enables a perfect non-slip grip so that it gets easier to cleanse from every angle.

Removing Plaque: With 32,000 beats per minute sonic vibration helps to target the plaque precisely as you can reach the crevices and gum lines in the most accurate fashion. Round brush head adds on to the efficiency as it gets quite easy to reach both inner and outer surface.


Cleaning and Care: Even though cleaning and whitening the teeth are the core motive behind crafting this perfect toothbrush, we couldn’t have simply left out the long term care to maintain the overall health of your teeth and gums. Carefully chosen silicon material for bristles takes off the unnecessary pressure on the teeth and gums thereby protecting the topmost layer from potential damage and thus helps in maintaining the overall health.

Item Type: Electric Toothbrush

Age Group: Adults

Quantity: 1 Electric Toothbrush & 4 Brush Heads

Rotation angles: 35 - 45 degree

Charge input voltage: AC110V-220V 50HZ-60HZ

Charger: Inductive charging

Type: Rotating Electric Toothbrush

In our endeavour to improvise the process of brushing , this electric toothbrush has been scientifically developed to help you effectively clean target your teeth set from every angle so as to get rid of the harmful plaque and get you a refreshing feeling every morning you brush your teeth. Soft silicon bristles ensure that you get the best of cleansing without damaging the vital protective layer on the teeth and gums which gives you the complete oral care.

A word of caution:

1] Do not use it for more than two minutes in one go

2] Avoid submerging the device in water for long duration

3] Keep away from the reach of young kids

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