Waterproof Liquid Bandage

Waterproof Liquid Bandage

Waterproof Liquid Bandage

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Cuts and scratches are a part of our daily life, but if not treated properly, a small wound can last long and cause a lot of discomfort. In case of a small wound, we tend to rush to our first aid box looking for a bandage which is a clumsy treatment as the regular bandages lack flexibility and are difficult to stay on and moreover they are not waterproof which affects fast recovery of the wound.

Liquid bandage is a far improved solution to cure minor cuts and bruises and is preferably used by athletes since it helps heal the wounds quickly and protect if from dust and water and forms a firm yet flexible protective layer on the wound for it to recover quickly.

Easy to use: Regular bandages do not stay for long, thus the healing process is slowed down. On the other hand, liquid bandage is pretty easy to use as this is invisible and allows flexibility of the affected body part and forms a firm protective layer on the wound that blocks dirt and dust from getting into the wound and also protects against damage from water.


Protective layer: Liquid bandage dries up to form a protective layer on the skin which leads to blood clotting thus ensuring that there is minimal blood loss, moreover it keeps the wound safe from harmful bacteria. Thereafter the medicinal solution starts to heal the wound for speedy recovery.

How to Use:

1] Clean the affected area

2] Apply a small amount till it forms a firm coat

3] Let it dry for few seconds and carry on with your work

4] Fingernail polish remover can be used to remove the bandage

Active Ingredients: 8 Hydroxyquinoline (antiseptic)

Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol, Oil of Cloves, Pyroxylin Solution

Strictly for external use only.

Warning: Flammable,keep it away from fire.

Do not put in the eyes

Consult a doctor before use if you have deep puncture wounds, deep cuts or serious bleeding or burns.

Do not store at temperatures above 120F°, intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating or inhaling the contents can prove harmful.

Stop usage and consult a doctor if the problem persists if infection occurs.

Keep out of reach of children. If consumed by mistake, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away.

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