10 Healthy Habits To Change Your Life In 2021

10 Healthy Habits To Change Your Life In 2021

2021 is finally here with many better health apps with updated Dos and Don'ts. What a wild ride 2020 was, eh? Good riddance! 2020 was difficult; let’s make 2021 better.





Another Sunday habit of mine is to plan the week ahead. I used to suffer from serious anxiety about the upcoming week. What work did I have to do? What deadlines were coming up? It was the feeling of being out of control and not fully knowing that really threw me off. Being organized and planning what’s coming up can allow for a real sense of calm over time. It may be a month or so before you really feel on top of things, but soon it’ll be like second nature and you’ll hopefully feel much more relaxed and organized come Monday.



Reading lists like this, following others on social media or even listening to your peers can make you feel like setting goals you never even intended on setting. Don’t be swayed by your friend who has decided to go on an extreme diet when you have just started to develop a healthier relationship with food. Don’t feel the need to get up at 5am because one YouTuber said they did. Other peoples’ goals aren’t your own, and it’s important in 2021 to focus on our own goals that make sense for us and our lives. Not only that, but your goals need to be for you, and nobody else. Let’s make 2021 the year we all stop being people-pleasers in spite of ourselves. Plan well for your health goals in 2021 to achieve.



There is nothing worse than an untidy workspace, bedroom or home when you’re trying to be healthier and happier for the New Year. The best way to keep your space clean is to tidy as you go, rather than leaving it for another day. Make it a new habit to clean your desk at the end of your work day, wash up after each meal, tidy the lounge when you go up to bed and make your bed in the mornings.






I say this every year, but there is nothing better than spending time outdoors. Especially right now when we are all stuck at home a lot more. Make it a priority to step outside each and every day to take in some green space and breathe in the nature around us.



Writing down how you’re feeling is more powerful than you might think. Instead of harboring the problems of the day in your mind, let it all out on paper. Or, simply use it as a way to document your days to look back on in the future. Journaling is unique for everyone, but powerful for us all to get some perspective on our lives.



We all have our own boundaries, but we rarely implement them. Are there certain topics of conversation that you no longer want to be having because it is triggering? Tell the person who is talking about it. Are there times of the day you don’t want to be answering emails? Set up an OOO for those hours. Are there certain behaviors from those in your life you aren’t willing to tolerate anymore? Make it known. Think about the boundaries you would want to set in an ideal world, and make them your reality.




Though therapy isn’t always accessible to everyone (I wish it was!), if this is something that is available to you either via the NHS, privately, through work or otherwise, don’t be scared to set something up and make your first appointment. I first wanted to get therapy back when I developed an eating disorder when I was 18, many times in the following years and when I began my recovery, more recently when I moved to Cornwall in 2018, and I finally contacted someone in March of 2019. They emailed me back, but I didn’t get back to them until a year later - so I know full well how hard it can be to open yourself up to therapy. Since reaching out and taking the plunge however, I have been going to therapy at least once a fortnight for almost a year, and it has been so powerful. It has got me through so many tough times, brought up emotions in me I didn’t know I had, exposed resentments, but ultimately pushed me into better and more healthy relationships with myself and those around me. Don’t be afraid any longer, and reach out for help.



I used to think I could store everything in my head, until I started to miss deadlines, disappoint others and feel extremely stressed. I started using Google Calendar, Trello, and Google Docs alongisde my notepad to stay organised. I learn more and more about each of these apps over time and develop new systems to keep everything together as my work changes. They honestly keep me from going a little mad! Find a system that works for your plans, work, or studies and keep up with it to stay organized online!



Listening can be more important sometimes than talking. Listening to your friends’ problems can be far more helpful than offering any advice. Hearing another’s struggles can be much more eye-opening than trying to relate it to your own. Understanding what a partner has to say about something you’ve done to hurt them can help your relationship grow much more than getting defensive. Sometimes we just need to sit back, listen, and take it in.


If there was one thing I learnt from 2020, it was to slow down. It’s been a difficult 12 months, so don’t put the pressure on to speed up now it’s a New Year and we want 2020 to be a thing of the past. Many difficult things still remain, and you don’t need to speed up to get back to normal. Remind yourself to slow down and be gentle with yourself - there is no need to be in a rush right now. Maybe one day we can speed back up a little more, but slowing down is so vital for our mental health wellbeing.

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