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Will Weight Loss Ever Rule The World

Posted by Aarohan Sharma on

So you wish to achieve weight loss and keep it off yourself. Great! Yes, you have crossed the first part by deciding. The world obesity day will be celebrated on March 4'2020. We share some insights into sustainable weight loss here. Both losing weight and keeping it so is tough but possible.


As per a 2017 review, 42 percent of adults reported having tried to lose weight sometime in the previous 12 months. Lots of people are trying to achieve the same and a lot many are gaining it back. But we all know someone who has tried it and attained success in losing weight.



What leads to weight loss success?.......

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Weight Loss: Expectations Vs Reality

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How to lose weight and turn slim❓ Have you been worried about gaining more weight than losing❓ Losing weight can be tough, long and rigorous exercise. Worry no more❗ We share here with you a pure, natural and revolutionary way to lose weight.


What are the expectations with weight loss 




👉 Fast results......

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Guaranteed Results With These New Year Health Goals

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Yes❗ We are into the next decade with the new year 2020 here. You should be well and through with your new year resolutions by now. There can be many which you can zero in on considering that the coming decade has got a lot to offer.



You can decide to attain a head start on your health goals. Too many people start a new health and fitness program but never see it through to achieve the results they were after or the goals.....

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Scam Alert: Beware Of Fraudulent Calls & Fake Offers Using Nutrafy’s Name

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We know that e-commerce shopping scams and frauds are on the rise. Hence we realize the importance of protecting your online credentials and ensuring that you do not fall victim to these online frauds. This article will inform you about the typical modus operandi of such online fraudsters trying to exploit Nutrafy Wellness online customers by committing financial fraud or stealing personal information.


Issued in public interest by Nutrafy Wellness Pvt. Ltd.


Have you recently received: 
👉  An email, 
👉  A call, 
👉  A  SMS, 
👉 A WhatsApp or any other social media message claiming of providing unbelievable discounts and offers from Nutrafy Wellness❓ Have you won a lucky draw competition offering a lavish car❓ Look again, and make sure that the message is authentic. None of these messages are sent by any official Nutrafy Wellness channels. But by fraudsters and scammers intending of deceiving you. Without a proper vigil, you may end up becoming a victim of fraud. Leading of losing both your money and your personal data. These fraudsters intend to make a fast buck by misappropriating the familiar and trustworthy name of Nutrafy Wellness. We advise you not to trust these fraudulent individuals or agencies with your hard-earned money or with your personal and financial information. Always re-confirm with authentic and original Nutrafy Wellness sources first.


How to react if you come across any such fraudsters


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Why Your Brain Needs Exercise❓ Know Here. . . .

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There are wide benefits of having a healthy and fit brain. Go through the following pointers:


👉 It is by now well established that exercise has positive effects on the brain, especially as we age.

👉 Less clear has been why physical activity affects the brain in the first place.

👉 The evolutionary history of humans may have forged the link between exercise and brain function.

👉 Cognitively challenging exercise may benefit the brain more than physical activity


As per research in the ’90s a series of discoveries led to a change in the view of 

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