Top Fitness Trends that Can Be the Next Big Thing in 2021

The global pandemic has jeopardized the health and wellness of people around the globe. Staying confined to our houses and living under the uncertainty of tomorrow has led a lot of people to live subpar lifestyles. Many have also fallen prey to overtime and ungodly hours of work; a dangerous consequence of the work-from-home culture. Sitting continuously at our desks and not getting enough physical exercise can have serious health implications in the future. So, it’s time to jump back on the fitness bandwagon with the top fitness trends that can be the next big thing in 2021. 

  1. Consumer Wearables
    Staying consistent and maintaining fitness goals have been simplified with the help of various tracking tools and apps. It is estimated that by 2022, over 900 billion people will take resort to wearable devices. These devices are multi-purpose; from tracking sleep to counting calories and maintaining daily progress reports. Most of these devices are now available at reasonable prices, with built-in AI coaches. These coaches are able to learn the consumer’s daily routine and suggest customized changes accordingly. 
  1. Virtual Training
    Covid-19 has restricted the movement of people to a huge extent. Enclosed spaces like gymnasiums have had to shut down since the onset of the pandemic. As a result, our home has become our office, gym and hangout place. Many social media influencers and health coaches have taken to online platforms to guide and mentor their viewers to become the healthier version of themselves.

    Before signing up for virtual classes, make sure to attend their demo classes and workshops. Some of them have collaborated with fitness coaches while some have integrated pre-shot videos into their workout plans. Few of the programs have even resorted to artificial intelligence and augmented reality to address your requirements and chalk out fitness plans to suit your goals.

    Most of the virtual training does not require any equipment. So, if you were previously hesitant about buying the equipment at exorbitantly high prices, you don’t have to worry about that now. You can simply opt for a body-weight exercise virtual program and do a quick and easy workout even during a long busy day. 
  1. Sport and Fitness: A Synonymous Term
    Trust the gym equipment or jog outside? This question had boggled many minds over the years. But 2021 is seeing a stark change in that prefecture too. With all the gyms being closed, enthusiasts have moved out to the field and gotten closer to nature. Gardens are seeing children bond over outdoor games once again. Adults too, have started picking up their favourite sport to revive their skills. Please note that you should only opt for outdoors under the supervision of the Covid-19 protocols.

    Jogging for a few kilometres is not only an energetic sport but also serves as an alternative to treadmills in the gym. Likewise, there are many such options for other gym workouts too. Thus, sports and fitness are merging in 2021 without any chaotic interface.
  1. Yoga and Aerobics
    Covid-19 has taken a toll on most of our mental health. There has been an upsurge in the number of people getting diagnosed with depression, anxiety and other mental issues. This is a strong reminder to take care of our minds too. Many people around the world have started combining their physical exercises with mental relaxation.

    Our mind is the temple of our body, it needs maximum care. Yoga, aerobics, and mental training reduce stress and increase self-awareness. Yoga and Pilates are gaining considerable support and popularity in the community. It is expected for this industry to become worth $66 billion by 2027.

    Sit in a quiet place and take a deep breath. Try to get rid of all the thoughts that are crowding your mind. In the beginning, you might find it a bit difficult to turn off your mind. But have patience and give yourself time to adjust. Practice a few breathing exercises and take in a lot of fresh oxygen. You will slowly feel energetic and happier than before. 
  1. Ikshana
    Working from home has increased our exposure to electronics. Our eyes are constantly focused on one device or the other. Everyone is spending much more time in front of the screens as most of the work and entertainment is online. A report has estimated that since last year, one in three people's eyesight has deteriorated. Constant sitting and looking into the screen has resulted in eye strain, dry eyes and spondylitis.

    To protect and heal your eyesight, you can try eye yoga, which is the gentle movements of eye muscles, massaging the eyes and surrounding areas. Look away from your screen every 20 mins at a 20m distance for 20 seconds. Make sure to take regular breaks from laptops and stay in natural light as much as possible. It is advisable to wear anti-glare glasses, keeping the brightness low and washing your eyes at regular intervals. 
  1. Workout with VR 
    With the increasing popularity of virtual training apps, the video games industry has also seen considerable growth. This industry has now induced fitness in their routine by making your body the main controller. You can play alone or with your friends and even strangers and engage in a fun workout.  Just Dance, Nintendo Ring, ensures that your body is engaged in a full-body workout. You can also wear a VR box and walk on your treadmill at home. The settings of the device allow you to experience walking along a nature trail or at a beach. This trend has gained more appreciation from the younger generations.
  1. Walk the Sweat Out
    The closed gyms and pools have resulted in a spike in self-training. Bicycle sales have seen a rise of 12% compared to other years. According to the Strava report, walking has now become a new activity and outdoor walking has increased by one third in 2020. Walking indeed is one of the best choices of fitness maintenance. It helps you stay close to nature while taking a break from the mundane work-from-home routine. It also gives your mental health a boost. You can also take up other activities like cycling, surfing, golfing and get physically fit.
  1. High-Intensity Training (HIIT)
    Do you think the once hyped High-Intensity Interval Training has seen a downfall? No. HIIT, which had secured the 2nd position in ACSM’s (American College of Sports Medicine) Health and Fitness Journal Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, back in 2020, still managed to secure a top place this year. 

    The major benefit of HIIT is the burning of a significant amount of calories in a short period. The combination of active bursts and short periods of rest ensures its maximum efficiency. It is also user friendly as you require very little time and equipment for the entire regime and yet get the desired result soon enough.

Being consistent is the most necessary factor influencing your fitness journey. These trends have worked for thousands of people who have consistently made efforts to get back into shape. We suggest you give time to your body to adapt to these changes. If you can, get a partner to share this journey with. It will help you stay motivated towards your goal. Do not fall prey to easy weight loss programs that promise results in a few weeks or days. Instead, make lifestyle changes. Having a sound mind and body will truly make you realize the worth of your time on this planet. 

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