10 Interesting Weight Loss Tips from Around the World

Every year 95% people make a resolution to get fit and healthy. But within the first few months of the year, the enthusiasm fades and the goals blur away. Well, this is what happens when you follow the same monotonous tips and hacks to lose weight. Yes, weight loss is no walk in the park but it doesn’t have to be boring. To rekindle your passion for fitness and ensure that you stick to your weight loss goals, let’s have a look at some interesting weight loss tips from around the globe. 

  1. Have a Wholesome Breakfast Like the Germans 

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason. It breaks the overnight fasting period and helps replenish the much needed supply of glucose in the body. Which is why Germans don’t take breakfast for granted. In Germany, it is observed that the majority of people eat a hearty and wholesome breakfast that consists of whole foods, grains, cereals and fruits. Having such a breakfast helps the body stay satiated and also provides all the essential nutrients required for good health. 

  1. Learn from the Mexicans to Go All in for Lunch

When it comes to Mexicans, they like their lunch to be the biggest meal of the day. This makes sure that they have a lighter meal at night and do not binge on processed snacks during the evening. A typical Mexican lunch often includes two courses. The first course consists of a salad or a soup and it is followed by a main course of chicken or seafood served with rice, beans and corn tortillas. Some of the most popular, healthy and easy to make Mexcian lunch dishes are burritos, quesadillas, taco, guacamole and guilt-free chilli. 

  1. Drink Teas Like a Turkish 

In Turkey, drinking tea is a daily ritual that starts with breakfast and continues till bedtime. Tea is an integral part of Turkish culture and tends to accompany most rites of life in Turkey. But it is also one of their secrets to weight loss. Teas such as green tea, rooibos, black tea are full of antioxidants and help in boosting the immune system of the body. Numerous studies show that teas have a type of flavonoid called catechins that help boost metabolism and break down fats more effectively. Also, the caffeine in many teas helps provide a boost of energy. Which explains why a lot of fitness enthusiasts prefer having a cup of green tea as a pre-workout ritual. 

  1. Follow the Polish and Eat More Home Cooked Food

Eating healthy home-cooked meals and cutting down on takeaways is the first thing that you should do while starting your weightloss journey. At least this is what most people in Poland preach as the most effective way to stay fit and healthy. Research finds that eating home cooked meals is even associated with longevity of life. So, it’s always a good idea to stick with the food prepared at home and consume less sugar and processed foods. 

  1. Use Chopsticks Like the Japanese 

Chopsticks are an important part of Japanese culture, as in many other Asian countries. Eating with chopsticks has a direct impact on the glycemic index of your food. That is how slowly or quickly the food you eat increases your blood sugar levels. When you eat with the help of chopsticks, you tend to eat your food slowly and in small bites, which in turn decreases the glycemic index of the food. This also gives your body the time to know when it’s full so that you eat in moderation. 

  1. Add Ayurvedic Concoctions to Your Diet Like in India

Weight loss happens when your body remains in a calorie deficit. So diet and exercise are important for your weight loss goals. But you can also take help of various natural supplements that are concocted using ancient Indian medical systems. These natural supplements do not have any side effects as they are based on a natural and holistic approach towards wellness and promote weight loss. 

  1. Spice Your Food Like a Thailander 

In Thailand, people tend to prefer a spicy cuisine which indeed is one of the spiciest cuisines in the world. A dish that is spiced liberally, raises metabolism and slows down your speed of eating. This is because when you eat too fast, your body does not realize it's full until it has over eaten. Besides, certain spices such as turmeric, coriander, and peppers have immense health benefits and also various analgesic properties. 

  1. Eat Fresh Food as the Italians Do 

Italian cuisine has been long known for its fresh herbs and tomatoes. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables has its own health benefits. Not only does the food taste better but also has better nutritional properties. Fresh fruits and vegetables are plucked when they are ripe. Whereas, other fruits and vegetables are harvested while they are still unripe so that they don’t spoil during transit. It is found that the longer a vegetable can stay on the plant, the more nutritional it will be. Also, frozen food is processed and may have chemicals and artificial ingredients that do not help in weight loss.  

  1. Stay Mindful While Eating Like the French 

Staying mindful is important while eating because it helps you slow down and savour each bite. In France, focusing on the joy of eating is a common practice. The French avoid distractions while dining and it totally makes sense. When you watch television or use your phone while eating, your body may take time to realize that you are already full. Meanwhile you will binge on food and would probably still feel hungry. 

  1. Eat More Fish Like in Iceland 

The Icelandic people swear by the benefits of including fish in your diet. A lot of people enjoy eating red meat, but what they don’t realize is that red meat is high in saturated fats. Whereas fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid, thiamine, vitamin D, selenium and iodine. Fish and other sea food contains low protein fat, which can potentially lead to weight loss. 

I am sure after reading the top 10 interesting weight-loss tips from around the world, you are excited to try them yourself. Well, all of these tips are very easy to incorporate into your weightloss plan and will make losing weight all the more fun and sustainable. 

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