10 Myths About Detox Foot Pads - Answered

10 Myths About Detox Foot Pads - Answered

Wondered why do the detox foot pads change color after a nights use? After consistently using for a period, they help the body become cleaner each morning. Harmful toxins and substances get absorbed in these pads meaning they have been released already. This has been known for hundreds of years to the eastern medicine that toxins traveled downwards in the body. Painful rheumatism and arthritis were caused by acidic toxic fluids gathering around the joints. Also was understood that toxin accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases.


Answering The Myths About Detoxification Foot Pads


👉 There is minimal effect on the body with using of Detox Foot Pads

These pads help in removing heavy metals, toxins and even fat from the body. There is also some effectiveness in treating insomnia, depression, diabetes and arthritis.

👉 Here is the cause of the residue on the pads after use

The color seen on these pads after usage is due to the harmful toxins been flushed out from the body. This helps in complete rejuvenation of the body. After consistently using for a period they will become clearer each morning.


A Delhi girl, Arundati feels completely thrilled and a new vibe in herself after using the detox foot pads. This only after using them for a duration lasting one night. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


👉 The detoxification pads work for only a certain kind of people

These pads are helpful in assisting people of all type. There benefit is not limited to any one single group or type.

👉 There are risks involved

There exists zero or no kind of risks with using this product

👉 These pads have no effect on diseases

The detox foot pads help in the removal of harmful toxins. The toxins accumulation can lead to numerous degenerative diseases.


Rahul Jha rally feels thrilled after applying these detox foot pads overnight. He feels that after usage most of the toxins from his body have been completely eradicated. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



👉 Detox pads have no effect on the overall wellness of the body

Foot reflexology states that the feet are flow tunnels to many vital organs, with almost sixty acupressure points on the sole of our feet.

👉 The cause of the detox pads action is unknown

However, it is found that the stimulation leads to the breakdown of water and waste molecules. This unblocks the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This is how cleansing naturally occurs from feet.

👉 No claims on putting these foot pads

These detox patches are meant to absorb the toxins while you keep them on overnight.


Nisha Lamba shares her joy with us, "Good experience. I feel happy for the product which can be used for my detoxifying."  ⭐⭐⭐⭐


👉 There exists no way for the pads to act

When the blood circulates to the soles, the fixed Foot Pads can absorb heavy metals toxins that released from the acupuncture points.

👉 The detox foot pads work is a myth - No It Is Not

The research conducted worldwide has proved their worth. It outlines a positive side, there are statistically significant decreases in the concentrations of both lead and cadmium metals in the post-detox footpad session. This when compared with the non-foot pad session.


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