10 Unique Ways To Explore Physical Fitness & Health

We all have wondered what is the importance of physical fitness at some point or the other in our life. Whenever it is that we think about gym class in the present time, we immediately flashback to my high school days. We’d sre we’d sit in our designated rows while the instructor would dutifully check that we were present. The flow would go as usual like jumping jacks, stretches, and stomach crunches. Going ahead as we’d get to squeeze in a twenty-minute of warmups before being herded back to the main workouts. Peek back to the school days, it was here that the kids would get a tiny fraction of time to move around. Even when they would get their 20-30 minutes of physical education it was almost always something teacher-directed. As there was little to 0 room for students to come up with their own fitness goals. They can forget about spending time from an hour perfecting their volleyball serve or working up to an 8-minute mile.




Food is also of high importance. There are options in plenty where eating nutritious food, home-cooked meals daily come on the top. Many people have a hard time sitting at peace when they eat in today’s fast-paced world. They need to take a bite, get up and run for their day’s daily chores. They at times have a very hard time shoveling down their food in 15 minutes and then waiting for another 2-3 hours to eat again. Another worry some factor is in improper eating habits. Continuing with this over a period leads to weight gains and other health problems. What is even scary is that this gets added up over a period without us even realizing it. 


So, here are 10 unusual and fun ways for you to explore physical fitness and health. Enjoy!


1) Make Time To Play.


Start by setting aside 30 minutes at least 3 times per week for physical activity. Also, try and plan at least 1 family activity every weekend. It can be simple, like taking the little ones to the playground. Otherwise exploring the more challenging ones like an all-day hike with your teenager. A key to getting the kids moving is planning time for physical activities.


2) Walk or Bike All Places Where You Can.  


Start by using muscle power. Bike or walk down to the grocery store, the nearby library, or say to your child's school or any sporting events. Do head out for a 30-minute family walk after dinner. Doing this instead of heading right for a screen. Track everyday mileage or steps with an activity tracker. An option like a Fitbit Will work. Make it competitive by seeing who completes their daily goal 1st or who gets the most steps in a day. Make and use a family exercise log or colorful stickers as a reminder of progress while cheering each other ahead.


3) Plan For Active Family Gatherings.  


Make the most of your family time. At birthday parties or say at any large gathering. Start with planning for active games. These like the tag, relay races, or a dance party. If you have enough people to participate then play a team sport. Playing football, cricket, basketball, and volleyball can be a great way to incorporate everyone into physical activity. Some other active party ideas include the following in a pool party or climbing at an indoor rock gym. What do family or holiday gatherings? Here you may stay away from devices. Surely TV, tablets, and cell phones are a strict no. Instead, take a walk around the neighborhood or go for a short hike at a local park.


4) Run a marathon 


Understand that there’s nothing more exciting than setting an ambitious fitness goal. Nothing compares to the joy of reaching it. We can’t zero down on a more ambitious fitness goal than running a marathon. Thus if you have a child who loves to run, or if you love to run yourself, then working towards this goal daily will go a long way in increasing not only your physical but even your mental stamina as well. 


5) Make yard work less of a chore for more family exercise


Enjoy seasonal yard work together. Rake leaves, plant a tree in the home garden, make a snow fort if you witness snowfall in the chilly weather, or see who can shovel the fastest. No matter whichever is the weather, you can make yard work a fun family activity!


6) Attend a wellness and fitness training program


The best way is with taking part in a training program in your state, but there are similar programs all over the world. You’ll be getting out in nature and at the same time learning the lifesaving skills of building your fire and shelter, learning which plants are edible, deciphering animal tracks, and so much more.


7) When You Are Out & About! 


Walk or ride your bike to your destination whenever possible. Park your car as far away from the door as possible when running errands. If you use public transportation, ride standing up. And if you have the time, get off one or two stops early and walk the extra distance. At the mall or department store: take the stairs and skip escalators and elevators. Instead of always opting for sedentary plans, like going to the movies, schedule more adventurous weekend activities like bike rides, park outings, or easy day-hikes. 


8) The Curious Boy’s Book of Adventure.  


We are going to quote from the inside cover of the book because we couldn’t say better how exciting this book will be for young boys and girls. Train a dog. Catch a fish. Send secret signals. Make a bow and arrow. You’ll be amazed at the world of adventure for boys of all ages found within their surroundings. As with the step-by-step instructions, a detailed list of equipment, and beautiful illustrations, T


9) Nature’s Playground Activities


Play the crafts and games to encourage children to get outdoors. Right from building a den from branches to making twig boats to sail across the pond. Explore some great ideas for inspiring your kids to get out into nature and play.




10) Go Fly a Bike


The ultimate idea of bicycle fun to attain the freedom of achieving the highest form of fitness. This is a pretty amazing idea for youngsters, elder ones, and for kids who are crazy about riding their bikes everywhere. They’ll learn everything from how their bikes work to steps to performing some tricks. It’s an unusually fun way to combine some energy to produce fitness health results for self.

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