2021 Health & Wellness Trends That Will Change Your Life

2021 Health & Wellness Trends That Will Change Your Life

There has been a widespread change in the Indian culture lifestyle and healthy habits for all coming into 2021. One key positive has been a surge in interest in wellness and health. As per industry data Indians, have been paying more attention to their mental and physical health.


The change observed has been a multi-fold. As such whether it’s by incorporating exercise and meditation into the daily schedule or by eating more mindfully. The wellness factors all over the world are expected to get a boost in 2021. Quite naturally as more and more people discover that self-care and therapy are important than ever before.


What Is Meant By Wellness In The Present Age?




Moving ahead in 2021 is not just about eating well and working out. It is now a way to pay attention to your body, mind and adopting the practices that make you feel:


✔️ Good,


✔️ More confident,


✔️ Fitter and


✔️ Happier.



Here Are 5 Wellness Trends For 2021


Self-Care Gets Simpler


Self-care entered the mainstream in 2020 as both times to exhaust and the need for mood lifts made several people self-care addicts. Yet the frenzy of buying expensive skin care products will give way to simpler and easier processes for self-care. Experts share that there are more compact self-care sets in the market, those that put all your cleansing-toning-masking-moisturizing-seruming steps into 1 handy box.


What Are You Eating?




While the trend of ‘Eat fresh, Eat local’ has been gaining strength in India, as far as nutritional supplements and other edible health and wellness products are considered, consumers have been satisfied with labels like ‘high fat, high protein, low unsaturated fats’ etc. However, in the modern age, the consumer is more so concerned about knowing what exactly goes in the health product they are using.


Mental Health Journeys.




The outbreak led to people realizing that there was much more to health than only physical fitness. Increased awareness of mental health and mainstreaming of conversations around mental health was made during the pandemic. This will reap new benefits in the ongoing year in 2021. As per the industry experts, they predict a rise in the number of people reaching out to therapists and psychiatrists. Even using the way of meditation and mindfulness apps in order to get started on their mental health journeys. As for India, there has been a rise in the sheer number of new mental health platforms that have come about both online and offline, connecting people to therapists or providing solutions like Artificial Intelligence and chatbot-based therapists even the mental wellness exercises based on the ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ or CBT. This is a healthy sign showing an increased demand for quality mental health support in urban and educated demographics.


What You Wear To Office.




Were you aware that you can still be the dapper dude at work while covering your face with the mask? Yes! Plan out your office attire in style and you are good for the day. Worry not as here we share some ways in which you can have a field-day-at-work. Put on the right pants as joggers are a sure fail at work. Go for darker bottoms and a lighter shade of tops. This creates an illusion of length and makes you look taller. Another key point is in matching the color of your socks to that of your pants. As when your ankles are exposed once you sit, the same color adds to the length of your legs.


Have A Sound Sleep




This is important to start your day well. On the word of many renowned neuroscientists here are some tips. Start with controlling your body temperature. Move ahead with adding aromatherapy in your bedroom to tell your mind it is time to rest. Do some heart openers as you tap into the relaxation response with some in bed yoga. Lie down on your back in a bridge-pose and take some deep breaths. End with oxygenating better by lying down in a savasana pose.


These are the trends more likely to propel the lives of people moving ahead in 2021. Follow them as people wonder on what are the 5 healthy habits for all to enjoy and adopt.

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