5 Questions About Monday Health Motivation You Should Answer Truthfully

5 Questions About Monday Health Motivation You Should Answer Truthfully

Monday is here but have you planned for the happy healthy lifestyle goals? Start now! Try by answering the following 5 key questions to set your weekly health goals. These hold a key in modern times to beat the Coronavirus Blues from home. 


Worried about how to be fit and healthy with staying at home? Worry not! We share some key questions and ways of staying healthy from your home. Read On..


Healthy and Happy Staying Indoors


Here are 5 Key Questions For Starting The Week On A Healthy Note.


  1. Which all physical goals to set?

    Physical activity has so many benefits for your health. It can help you with:
  • Get to and stay with slim healthy body ,
  • Reducing the risk of bone fractures if you suffer from osteoporosis,
  • Reduce the risk of many other illnesses like cancer and heart disease.


For many people participating in physical activity is safe.


Though it is advisable to check with their health care provider or a qualified exercise professional before they start becoming more physically active.

  1. Do some stretching exercises

    This is a great way to be fit, active and keep your body young. Flex some muscles, stretch your arms or stand up and walk. This small and easy bit will assist in your body many a time with being fit and healthy.


  2. Try an at-home workout

    Indulging in fitness health exercises is the easiest way you may aid your body to be young and healthy. Indulge in an at-home workout routine. Start small and increase the rounds or duration gradually.

  3. Take the stairs

    Did you know the body benefits 81% more with the more walking you do? Avoid being confined to one single place. Get out of the bed, rise up from the chair and move. Yes! Wear a silicone knee brace if in case you are having knee aches or for adding the extra support to your knees as you move. 
  1. Remain in touch

    Be in touch with your friends and colleagues. Do not let any excuse hamper your relationships! Also with more being connected your mind would be happy and healthy!


Pick up the phone then! Drop a message or give a wring!


Follow the above-listed points to make the most of your day from staying at home!


Remember to follow social distancing health points to be safe and secure.


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