6 Best Kettle Bell Exercises For Beginners In This Guide

If you’re a beginner to healthy fitness activities and are looking for the most effective, cost-friendly, and efficient ways of building up your fitness, kettlebells are what you need. You may have heard of them before, but did you know that they are far more effective than one would think? Kettlebells are great for burning fat, building muscle tone, and increasing power endurance. Are you thinking of picking up a few kettlebells of your own to try out at home? Well, you’re in luck because today we will introduce to you 6 simple kettlebell exercises for beginners, so read on to find out more!




  1. Kettlebell Swings Workout


These are possibly some of the most popular exercises. Coming out as the perfect exercise for beginners and only requires you to begin with your feet at a hip-distance separation with both hands placed on the handle. Next-up to this exercise stance will be the bending in your knees and hinging from your hips to swing your kettlebell between your legs. Finally, go ahead to straighten your legs and swing the kettlebell to a chin-up height. Awesome! You have completed one kettlebell swing. The fitness trainers recommend doing as many as 90 seconds of swings each. A rep by following the process around 3 to 4 times. You will attain help in strengthening your core, the quads, the glutes, your hamstring muscles, the delts, and ultimately the arms all at once!


  1. Kettlebell Slingshots Workout




This is yet another of that basic kettlebell exercise. One which is perfect for anyone who considers themselves a beginner. In an essence, it is an exercise that is requiring you to pass on the weight from around your body. Shifting it from one hand over to the other. This is a great way for beginners to get used to working with a kettlebell. Also, it is a fantastic way for the requisite of strengthening the shoulders, the core muscles, and also the grip. Key over here is around when performing the slingshots in order to keep your head and hips still when you pass the kettlebell around your body.


  1. Single Arm Deadlift


This single-arm deadlift is one of those exercises that any beginner should go for and master. In order to perform this exercise, the need is to simply pick up the kettlebell off the ground. This with 1 hand whilst using the hip hinge movement pattern simultaneously. A key point to remember is that to always keep the back flat to allow the legs, the buttock muscles, and the thighs to do the heavy lifting work. This single-arm deadlift is one of those exercises that use almost all the muscles in the body. Even helping the beginners to develop the important hip hinge movement which will assist with more complex kettlebell movements leading to the future.


  1. Kettlebell Squat Workouts


This is true that there is no workout routine that is complete without a good squat. This goes in addition to using your kettlebell to perform the goblet squat. The latter being one of the most effective ways to get those glutes on fire! A kettlebell squat is one that offers a whole-body exercise. One that also promotes better mobility and strength gains. 


How do you squat with a kettlebell in hand? This is simple! With a kettlebell in hand, a squat takes the usual bodyweight squat and loads it up with a kettlebell. The point of importance here is to note that in order to make this exercise as effective as possible, you only need to know how to master the regular, the non-weighted squats 1st. Post achieving a proper form, go ahead to add your kettlebell to the mix and really amplify your workouts.


  1. The Kettlebell Halo Workout


A beginner’s 101 move is with performing the kettlebell halo. Oh yes! This is an exercise that requires you to maneuver the kettlebell around the head by closely following the perimeter of your neck. 




A key point here is of remembering to keep the weight as close as possible to the neck. While maneuvering it around your head in a nice rhythmical motion. In order to perform the perfect halo, begin with your feet at a hip-distance apart. Grab hold of your kettlebell with the weight facing upwards and keeping both your hands on each side of the handle. Follow this by lifting the kettlebell to one side of your face and slowly circle it behind your head over to the other side. Complete 1 rep. by repeating this for 60 seconds.


  1. Figure 8 Stance


Finally, now we look at the kettlebell figure 8 stance. This is an exercise that is the most complex to perform in this list here. However, this still remains relatively easy to do even for a beginner. How? Stand with your feet at a shoulder-width apart. Simultaneously gripping the handle of your kettlebell with 1 hand. Follow up with bending your knees and then hinge forward with your hips in order to maneuver the kettlebell between your legs.




Next, bring in your other hand behind your body and under your glutes in a position meeting the kettlebell. Next, it is time to hand it off. How? With this, you will be drawing the shape of the figure “8” bypassing your kettlebell from one hand over to the other.


Thus there you have it, 6 of the easiest kettlebell exercises to perform. These are the ones you can master even if you’re a complete newbie. Hoping that this blog has given you the motivation required to head out, use a kettlebell, and try out some of these highly effective healthy muscle exercises.

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