7 Key Monday Motivation Pointers Only For You

Yes, you know it right that it is indeed a great fact that Monday is a great time to start building on the importance of healthy habits. Thus, it is in the best interest to have a regular exercise routine. If you do sincerely exercise regularly then you most likely already know that it's not always an easy task to find the motivation for yet another week of working out. Thus bringing for you from around the world here in this post are many motivating quotes for Monday that can help you to remind you of how far you've come, or why you started in the very 1st place. Yes, there are so many benefits of starting your week with a workout right in the morning. This is irrespective of whether you're exercising at your home or are in the gym. A workout in the day can help you to boost your mood and put you in a positive frame of mind for the challenges lying in the week ahead. Were you aware that the start of the week is the ideal time to schedule your workouts? Yes, this is a fact as you can use the planner feature available in almost all smartphone applications to do this. This is an easy way to make sure you've allocated time for exercising and ensuring that other priorities that compete for a share of your time don't get on top of you.




We all have heard 2 core fitness-centered health-relevant facts. These are in the form of having a workout buddy and joining a fitness challenge. Both are which can help in providing some motivation for you to commit to building some new healthy habits. All of which will slowly but surely come in good aid for you. Going ahead bringing this into practice will aid you with feeling stronger and more capable during your workouts. Another benefit is that it will aid in instilling the feeling of beginning to feel energized and more confident. These in general are something that can also help you to stay in a positive frame of mind and committed to continuing with a healthy lifestyle to carry ahead. This is the right time now to pan a deep dive into some motivations starting this Monday. What exactly do you attain with these 7 key motivations? All these are for you to cash on rich health results on Monday. It is of prime importance to have strategies in place for times when you struggle to find the motivation. Using some Motivation quotes to find the fitness motivation you need to get moving into your week with a positive mindset and to keep working hard towards your fitness goals for the week to come.


  1. “The beginning is the most crucial part of the work.” 


You know that putting the starting 1st stone of constructing of a new building is its most important milestone. It is also the toughest. On a similar footing getting started can be the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle change. However, this is an essential step. Whenever you decide of starting a new health and fitness journey it is of dire importance to remember that you are not alone. Yes, as across the length and breadth of the world the numbers are huge. There are plenty of fitness beginners having all sorts of questions and doubts just like you! Thus, reaching out to others who share your journey can help you to get an idea of what you can expect along the way. Finally assisting you with finding the motivation to begin again when a new week starts. A new week is the best time to start afresh. If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, start with a different exercise routine, different from the one you did in the previous week.


  1. “Starting every day by thinking of your WHY.”


How to best answer your ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ around your fitness goals? Whenever it is that you start each day by remembering the reason you want to work out ensure your “why” and the “how” become much easier. As your reasons for starting in the 1st place should be meaningful to you and be worthy of the discipline and efforts that it will take to work out regularly. It is in the “why” that should inspire you! This word “inspire” comes from a Latin word meaning “to breathe life into.” Remember that's the feeling you should have when you think about your “why”. Reaffirming the reason why you started each day can help you in the long run to attain the courage to keep going when you don't feel like it. Remembering your “why” can help you to stay motivated when you're finding it hard to stick with your training routine or even healthy eating habits.  


  1. “I am doing all this for me.”


Why did you start in the 1st place? Who are you working out for? You! Remember, recall and retain that your fitness journey is all about YOU. There is no need for you to compare your experience to anybody else. As we all are different in the individual personalities, we all are, our fitness journeys need to be unique. Fitness can empower you thus it is important to embrace the journey and do it for YOU!




  1. “All progress takes place outside your comfort zone.”


What about the 1 dependable aspect of change? This is never easy! The human body and mind are such that it may resist change, even when it knows that it has many physical and mental benefits. That’s why it is more important to keep on going ahead when you find it hard. Whether if it’s the case when you are going to the gym and using the free weights for the very 1st time or trying a new training style or say for instance asking a friend to keep you motivated. Taking this step will help you in the long run to expand your comfort zone. Carry on and you’ll find that you’re comfortable in doing things you’d never dreamed you would do. Thus, don’t give up now that you start to feel uncomfortable or afraid!


  1. “The moment when you want to quit is the moment for you to keep pushing ahead.”


A feeling many of us have gone through is not waking up afresh in the morning. If you ever wake up on a Monday feeling exhausted even before the long week up ahead has started, then you are not alone. Thus, leaving behind all that happened over the weekend, it is on a Monday that you can still draw some inspiration for a good time to start over with your health and fitness goals. Whenever it is that you feel like giving up, dive deep inside and find out the discipline desired to push ahead towards your healthy lifestyle goal. By remembering why you started, what is that you want to achieve, and keep with going forward as it will be worth it in staying aligned with your goals!


  1. “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.”


We all have experienced the pain and have gone through trouble while starting with our workouts. You too have probably heard people say that the exercises you find challenging now will one day be your warm-up. Many women start by using one of the sweat programs at the gym without even being fully capable of completing a full push-up. By staying consistent, over time you will eventually see an improvement! Bring some modification to your training regime, to begin with, and after training consistently over a few weeks, try adding a few reps of the more standard exercises at the start of each round. Keep on working at it and eventually, over time you will see how fitness can drastically transform your life. You’ve got this!


  1. “Do something today you will be proud of tomorrow.”


How can I transform myself? Were you having this question? You are not alone. Many of us have asked this question some way on the fitness path in our lives. When you make the choice today to look after your body by working out, eating a healthy diet, and thinking positive thoughts, you are preparing yourself to be the best possible version of yourself tomorrow. By raising the bar and taking the steps ahead towards a healthier version of yourself and remembering that it is health that is the best gift that you can give to yourself! Carry the above pointers for your Monday fitness motivation! Start exercising on a Monday to increase the likelihood that you’ll hit your workout sessions for the long week lying ahead. By setting your intention at the start of the week, you’ll gain momentum that will build throughout the long week ahead. On top of that, with regular exercise you can help yourself to sleep better, learn even faster and be more productive at work, thus you’ve got nothing that you can lose!


Save your favorite fitness motivation quotes somewhere you’ll see them, such as in a note on your phone or in your journal, to make them easier to refer to when you need a morale boost. Reading an uplifting quote can remind you of how far you’ve come and inspire you to continue the healthy lifestyle journey this week.


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