7 Secrets About Nutrafy Keto That Nobody Will Tell You

7 Secrets About Nutrafy Keto That Nobody Will Tell You

Yes, there have been far and wide weight-loss transformations happening around us and a huge buzz has been there around the ketogenic diet. This is a natural way for people to turn their attention towards this wellness diet. However, there has been a lateral effect due to the deluge of online information. These both on portals as well as social media, leaving people confused. Yet this high fat and low carb diet is not all that complex. To shift to an effective ketogenic diet plan, it is important to understand the basics of this popular diet plan.



What is the Nutrafy ketogenic diet?


This ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet focusing more on fat consumption. Going ahead in sharing similarities with some of the more famous low-carb diets. To inform you it is our body that utilizes carbohydrates or sugar for energy. As our diets always have enough amounts of carbs in it. These are present in the form of grains, fruits, in vegetables, and few others. Even then the main principle behind this diet form is of eliminating the carb sources. Another benefit is that it increases the intake of fats. When you eat less than 50 grams of carbs in a day, it is your body that runs out of its source of fuel. This state occurs in a span of 3 to 4 days of starting the keto diet. On this instance the body starts looking for an alternative source of energy, in this case, it is fat. What is the mechanism wherein the body starts metabolizing fats to produce fuel called? It is called ketosis.


Diet Origin


This diet is now seen as an effective weight loss diet. Originally it was a diet to mimic the effects of fasting.


Which are the different types of ketogenic diets?


Yes, there are different versions of the ketogenic diet. Here are some of the more popular ones:


  1. Standard ketogenic diet: A low-carb diet plan helps in allowing for moderate protein intake and very high fat. The ideal break up is of 75% fat, 20% protein, and only 5% carbs.


  1. Cyclical ketogenic diet: This ketogenic diet form is one of the more popular ones. As it follows the same standard ketogenic diet segregation of fats, protein, and carbs. This process happens after an interval of every 5 days allowing you to have 2 high carb days. Also known as the refueling day.


  1. Targeted ketogenic diet: A diet form that also primarily follows the principles of the standard ketogenic diet. A point of difference lies in that it allows you to intake carbs around your workouts.


  1. High-protein ketogenic diet: As per its name this offers a slightly higher protein intake. Contrary to the 20% protein, this diet regime offers 35% protein and the fat ratio drops down to 60% instead of the standard 70%. Yet the ratio of carbs remains the same.


It is in the cyclical and targeted ketogenic diets which are slightly more advanced than the other 2 methods and are most often used by the bodybuilders or athletes.


What food should you avoid?


A ketogenic diet strictly limits the consumption of foods that are high in carbs. This happens because your body receives more fats than carbs. Helping to utilize fat as the main source of energy. For a better understanding below are listed some foods that should be restricted or best eliminated from consumption.


  1. No sugar: Eliminate sugary foods when on a ketogenic diet. This diet doesn't allow any fruit juice, cake, ice cream, candies, or fruit smoothies.

  2. No grains: The recommendations in the industry are to avoid grains or starchy foods. This like rice, wheat-based products, pasta, or any other cereal.

  3. No fruit: You are permitted to only consume berries but in a limited amount. Moreover, you need to stop eating all fruits to stay in ketosis.

  4. The root vegetables, beans and legumes: Thus anything that has carbohydrates needs to be avoided. So, avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, lentils, kidney beans, peas, and more.

  5. Low-fat products: Avoid low-fat milk, low-fat curd, diet snacks when you are following a ketogenic diet. Make fat your friend! Full fat cream, full-fat curd, ghee, olive oil, butter, everything is allowed in generous amounts on keto.

  6. Avoid unhealthy fats: Yes, fats are important for Ketosis. But you must choose your fat wisely. Avoid vegetable oils, mayonnaise, etc.

  7. Alcohol: Most alcohols have carbs and for that very reason you should avoid having it.


What to eat?


The list of permitted foods is broad. All that you can eat are including meat like chicken, red meat, ham, steak, and turkey, fatty fish such as salmon, trout, tuna, eggs, butter, cream, cheese, nuts and seeds, healthy oils including olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, avocados, low-carb vegetables like cauliflower, green veggies, tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc. and normal condiments and herbs.


Perfect drinks for keto


This far considering your knowledge of the Keto diet you know the importance of water intake. Even more, picturing this high-fat diet.


  1. Coffee. Many people on keto diet replace their breakfast with bullet coffee. The benefits are that it is filling and keeps you charged and perfectly kickstarts your day.


  1. Tea is permitted for consumption. But milk is a restriction here. Instead, try black tea without sugar or try adding a bit of almond milk to your tea.


Working out with ketogenic diet



Are you looking out to amplify your results with the Keto diet? Considering this prospect it is important to also follow a workout routine. Many athletes, runners, cyclists follow a ketogenic diet when they are training. As is the belief that following a ketogenic diet works on your muscle-to-fat ratio and thus increases the amount of oxygen present in your body.


What Is The Category Of People Who Should Not Have The Keto


While many controversies are surrounding the ketogenic diet, it is said to be safe for most people by keto experts. However, there are three categories of people who shouldn't be following the diet - they need proper medical consideration if they at all decide to do it:


  • 1st is those people who are taking medication for diabetes. As an example, insulin. 
  • 2nd is those people who are taking medication for high blood pressure.
  • 3rd is of pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Health Benefits Of The Keto Diet


This diet is well known for its weight loss benefits. Adding to this it is an extremely beneficial diet for diabetes, pre-diabetes, PCOS, heart ailments, Alzheimer’s, acne, and others. Were you experiencing trouble with appetite control? Then this diet will work wonders for you in this regard. Most people who are following the Nutrafy keto diet have experienced dramatic hunger control. With appetite reduction in a considerable way. Thus you tend to eat less and lose more.






Finally, it is important to consult your physician or a health specialist before you start the ketogenic diet. That is the reason it is always advised to start under guidance so you can avoid all health errors. All the best with the keto diet plan for weight loss transformations.

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