All About The Heart Health Awareness Month

Here we share all about the heart health awareness month with you. The month of February is observed as the global heart month. This is a perfect time to learn about your risk for heart disease. Also, further, the steps desired by you in need for taking up now to help your heart. Heart disease and the conditions that lead to it all can happen at certain age and stage of life. Here are some ways to celebrate heart health awareness month. Try out the following ways. 




Here we share with you 4 ways to celebrate American Heart Month:


  1. Start with learning about the symptoms of a heart attack.

  2. Go ahead and participate in an organized heart health walk.

  3. Attain a comprehensive physical.

  4. Generate fun with hosting of a potluck focused on heart-healthy recipes.


Time to check out the ever so important question of when exactly the heart-associated blockage starts. "The atherosclerosis problem usually starts in the teenagers and early 20s. It is by the time one enters their 30s they can see changes in their health.” As shared by cardiologist Mr. Manohar Gupta, MD, a professor at a renowned Indian heart institute. It is in their early stages, that many have their heart-related screening tests done, like for cholesterol checks. Those having an issue might still have these come back as normal. Time to pan an in-depth look into the age demography when heart-associated ailments occur in the body. As for men those in the age bracket of 45 or older and for women the age bracket of 55 or older are more likely to have a heart attack. This is over to those are in the younger men and women age segment. There is a high importance of protecting and taking care of your heart. As researchers have studied more than 28,000 patients under hospitalization for heart attacks from 1995 to 2014 and came out with a startling finding. They came out with the finding that the rate of heart attacks in patients in the age groups of 35 to 54 has increased from 27 percent to 32 percent in recent years. Thus throwing a deeper light on the need to create more awareness around this problem. Also for administering timely and correct care to those in need.


12 Food Types That Are Good for Your Heart. 




This month has the direct and indirect promotion of food types which help in the betterment of heart health. Let us now pan a look into the best 12 of the lot.


  1. Eat fish high in omega acids. A few like salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, and trout.


  1. Have a handful of some healthy nuts. Those like almonds or walnuts. These will satisfy your hunger cravings and help your heart


  1. Consume berries as they are chock full of heart-healthy phytonutrients and soluble fibers. Try the blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. You can have them in a cereal or yogurt meal type.


  1. Start eating seeds for the sake of your heart. The flaxseeds are containing a good mix of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and phytoestrogens to boost your heart health. You can go ahead and take them in the form of ground or milled type to reap the greatest benefit. The now-famous Chia seeds also help to provide omega 3, fiber, and protein and can be eaten as whole heart-healthy food. 


  1. Oatmeal has great health benefits. It is one of the comfort-food nutrient powerhouse types. Try by toasting some oats to top yogurt, salads or to add them into a trail mix if you are not a fan of them cooked.




  1. Having legumes also helps. This works in both forms as dried beans and lentils. Those like garbanzo, pinto, kidney, or black beans, are high in fiber, B-vitamins, minerals, and another good stuff quotient. Hey veggie chili, anyone?


  1. Did you know this? Drinking a 4-ounce glass of red wine, which is up to 2 for men and 1 for women per day, can lead ahead in helping with improving the good HDL cholesterol levels in the body.


  1. Soy! Adding the edamame beans or marinated tofu in a stir-fry with fresh veggies for a heart-healthy lunch or dinner.


  1. We all know that vegetables are good for the body. But which one of them helps heart health? Have a mix of red, yellow, and orange veggies. A few like carrots, sweet potatoes, red peppers, tomatoes, and acorn squash. As these are packed with carotenoids, fiber, and vitamins to help your heart.


  1. Having green veggies is of prime importance. We all had Popeye as our favorite cartoon character once at least in our lifetime. He sure was right! In spinach, there is a pack full of a health punch! But did you know that so is there in kale, the Swiss chard, the collard/mustard greens, and even in bok choy? Have them in like sandwiches and salads instead of consuming the lettuce. Having Broccoli and asparagus also helps. As these are filled with mighty nutrients such as the vitamins C and E, potassium, folate, high in calcium content, and is a fiber powerhouse.


  1. Fruits such as oranges, cantaloupes, and papaya are rich in beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium, and fiber.


  1. Dark chocolate is good for your heart health. The higher the percentage of cocoa the better! (The fiber and protein increase with higher cocoa and the sugar decreases). If you are a fan of milk chocolate. start with at least 70% cocoa.


A Deep Dive Into Women And Heart Health.




Time to pan a deep dive into women's health and heart attacks. A silent heart attack is also called a silent Ischemia. This is a heart attack that has either no symptoms, minimal symptoms, or unrecognized symptoms. In broader terms it is symptomless. A heart attack many times is not plain as obvious as the pain in your chest, shortness of breath, and cold sweats. Timely and proper care is important considering women's heart disease in the form of an attack can happen without a person knowing it.

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