Attain Fitness Goals With Inspiration From These Celebrities

There is a broad list of fitness goals for you to chose and pursue. Here in this post we will share the success stories of some celebrity names as an inspiration. Follow this famous quote always to stay motivated in your fitness journey. “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar. Now has always been the best time to take a stock of your physical fitness goals heading ahead this year. If in the case, you have no idea where to begin then worry not. As we share here with you 7 exercises for your help. One of the most crucial things that most of us have taken for granted in the previous year is our health. Particularly our physical fitness and wellness. Staying at home working for long hours and on occasion’s slouching while working, we’ve lacked getaways for any type of physical activity. Thus, leading to cramped and rusty joints in the body. Moving ahead in this year it is even more important that we see where we stand and take a hard call on our fitness routines. After all, how long can this state of physical inactivity go on before it takes a toll on our body? We say, that before it comes to that let’s change it!




Time to check out some celebrities from whom we can take inspiration for attaining of fitness goals. Starting with Sunil Chhetri, this former Indian man’s national football team captain is the perfect fit to start off the list. This mega star strongly believes that nothing is more important than giving the correct amount of rest to the body that it needs. He has shared that he is not really one for resolutions of any kind. Thus he has not made a conscious list to follow in the year. But it is that both rest and recovery are underrated. The ultimate mantra for attaining of fitness lies in keeping with listening to your body. He has voiced himself stating that he has switched his routines and lifestyle in a considerable manner over the past few years interval. Further he has shared his intentions of being consistent with it. Stating to everyone who is chasing their fitness goals for the year, the key is in remembering how to keep listening to their body. Also giving it all the rest, it needs as this is important for the overall health of the body. The next celebrity to draw some inspiration from is Dutee Chand the sprinter. The tougher the target set ahead for the year, in the way of breaking her own target is the major goal for 2021. She wishes to scale goals with breaking records in terms of speed and plans to focus on the same. As there has not been any competitions both in the global and local platforms since the past full year, so she wishes of attaining a hold of my speed to keep up with my fitness game. It will not only help me keep fit but will also help me in improving my game,” she says.


Adah Sharma the Bollywood actor shares her tips on fitness.




She points out that working out is all about having fun She believes that maintaining of fitness is like a routine to her. She has opened in the public about her lifestyle choices. Wherein working out and keeping up with her fitness is a part of her lifestyle now. Something which has become even more important to her. She has also shared her liking of Indian martial arts. Focusing on the Selumbum and Munchuks. She shared how she has off late been practicing Nunchucks and is also planning to improvise on the same to spin the stick faster. Looking out for new ways to work out is also one form of focus. Shantanu Maheshwari an actor and choreographer shares this goal of his with his fans. He mentioned that in this year it is going to be all about exploring new ways of working out for himself. Bringing in a perspective taking up a new sport like squash or tennis or going ahead with even trying out the cross fit training, Sharing that he aims of going at incorporating of variation in his fitness regime. He is also going ahead with trying and exploring out the ways for healthy eating in life in this year in 2021. Quite clearly as he feels that a correct balance between eating right and working out is essential in the present age.


The Indian form of fitness in Yoga is known globally as a keyway in providing many benefits. A firm practitioner of yoga, Tinna Dattaa the Indian actor is sure of becoming a pro in yoga in this year. She shares her high regard and aspirations from this form of fitness. Yoga has become a favorite form of exercise that she not only relies on to tone herself, but further uses it to rejuvenate and even refresh her body. Thus going ahead in 2021 it is going to be all about her getting well acquainted with all the possible Yoga asanas. Adding to this to becoming as much of a pro as she can at mastering this art of Yoga. There is a proper way to keep with staying motivated. Take it one day at a time by surrounding yourself with positivity. Go ahead with creating of a vision board also by setting of S.M.A.R.T. goals for yourself. Have the belief in yourself and do reward yourself when you attain your goals set. Acknowledge your positive attributes along recognizing your progress. Look ahead and visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. Learn to be kind to yourself without putting that extra load on self by making a comparison with others. Always remember that you never need a fancy gym or nike shoes or a new sweat pants to start with exercising. All that you require for real is yourself and a lot of health and fitness motivation.

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