5 Simple Health Tips Of Attaining Happiness In Life

5 Simple Health Tips Of Attaining Happiness In Life

We share here some important health tips for achieving of happiness in your life again. We know the year has begun on a rather torrid footing for you. How about then for some key ways of getting back your life on track? We share some ways in this post! Yes! Follow these tips for achieving back healthy lifestyle results in a during / post-COVID-19 world. Adapt and follow in order to survive. The global lockdown is taking a toll on mental health, with a recent poll showing an increase in the number of people battling with stress and worry. This when quarantining has resulted in symptoms of depression in a few people. Rather thankfully, the internet has a dearth of advice on how to stay safe and stay healthy from your home. There are many happiness applications to use online with E-courses. Some of these are from the E-learning platform Coursera. One such is titled ‘The Science of Wellbeing’, has become a rage, amassing more than 2 million students already enrolled at present. Adding to this number it is having more than 40 million views of the course page.


As per many health experts, people around the world are looking for mental health solutions for many reasons. Unlike clear advice on handwashing and social distancing, this is more or less straightforward to view after how one feels. “Everyone is feeling anxious and uncertain and kind of scared. As people just really want things, they can do to feel good.” they share. “I think the class really drives that by evidence-based tips one can put into practice today, that the research suggests will improve people's wellbeing.” They add on adapting to the challenge lying ahead. A global consensus will be around having clear evidence that something is needed for helping those suffering during the COVID19 pandemic lockdown.

How to counter the problem of a mental health challenge?

  1. Taking Prompt Actions.

    Research has evidential proof that happy people are tentatively more social. “This is a hard thing to do in the time of COVID-19 because social distancing often means we can't physically hang out with the people we care about.” Here is a famous quote to ponder upon. “The essence of greatness is the ability to choose personal fulfillment in circumstances where others choose madness.” – by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
  2. Knowing That You Are The One In Charge.

    Here have a go through this quote here. "They say your destiny is already written. But sometimes you just have to grab a pen and become the author of your life." -Unknown.

    Here is a secret for you: If you start living in an internally controlled emotional world, instead of being controlled by outside factors, will drastically move your happiness meter up ahead. By starting to maintain an internally controlled emotional world, what you are doing is that you are choosing as to how to deal with each issue or problem that arises in your life. Have the power to decide whether to have a mental breakdown, hideaway, hate your life, yell, blame others, confront your issues, deal with life head-on, curse, use drugs, work out, etc. There will be many times when you might not always feel like it, of having the freedom to choose how to deal with life's stressful ups and downs. Go for heart health tips you can find. The more important fact is that the important thing isn’t whether the problem gets solved. But instead it is how you maintain your happiness and worthiness through the process of dealing with whatever comes up that matters.


  1. Always Place Yourself First.

    "Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future." –Deepak Chopra.

    Become a fan of the idea of putting yourself first. Be an advocate for taking charge of your own life, which falls in line with that specific type of thinking. On many previous occasions, people dominated the life of many other people. Thus it is important to come to realize that if you don't change, you will continue relinquishing control of your life in order to be accepted by others. An important aspect of achieving happiness lies in giving up the idea that you have to live your life by the way of what others have to say you should do or be like.


  1. Control Your Thoughts.

    Here is a famous quote to throw some light on this point. "You need to learn how to select your thoughts in the same way you select what you wear in the way of your clothes every day. This is the power you can cultivate. If you want to control things in your life in a serious way, work on the mind. That's the only thing you should be trying to control." –Elizabeth Gilbert.

    Spare a thought of something which has made you feel emotional. Start by asking yourself, where did you get those emotions from? The most likely source is that they came from your thoughts. As per neuroscience research, the evidential proof is that your brain doesn't know the difference between when you are actually experiencing something, and when you are simply thinking about that experience. So what does this mean? This shows that you can create a physical and emotional reaction by simply using your thoughts. These usually come before any feeling you have in yourself, even if you’re aware of them or not. Thus to sum it up, if you maintain constant control of your thoughts, what you are doing is that you are also maintaining control of your feelings. Refer to some mental health tips for well being. A large number of people have an inaccurate belief that other people influence them by making them angry, upsetting or making them unhappy. Although, in reality, it is that one allows them to make you upset through your thoughts about their set of actions and decisions. Therefore a major aspect of becoming a happy person is changing the way you think about situations. By realizing this important point that you’re in charge of how you feel, think, and react to people. No other person can actually "make" you feel in any certain way.
  2. Live in the present.

    Follow your life on these same lines. ‘Past is history, future is mystery and present is a gift thus enjoy it.’ Yes! These are like the mantra of living a happy life. Far from any remorse, sadness or regrets. Thus living in the present or in the now is a very effective strategy for living a content and a happy life. Many renowned and well-known philosophers have quoted, "Now is all there is, there really is no other moment in life." The modern culture never values the importance of living for the now. Thus we march on ahead to lose the present moment by thinking about the future and remembering the past, emulating on the “what if” scenarios and fuelling anxiety about things that probably will never ever happen. Thus making a regular well thought of and conscious effort so as to keep self from entering anxiety territory is important. How? By concentrating on what you are doing in the present moment. Have you noticed that it’s harder to bring self into the now when you are bored? When it’s easier and easier to think about other things. Although, when doing things you enjoy, it requires much less effort to remain present. If you love writing, reading, teaching, and conducting therapy, then try to stay engaged in those activities. This does not take much effort to be present. Only having the importance of being attuned and present in any task or activity you’re doing. When you notice your mind wandering away, get back yourself. Start by concentrating on your breathing and repeating to self, "I know I am breathing in, I know I am breathing out." Remember to enjoy every moment, be present in the now. Move ahead and out of the past, which has already happened. For the future, This hasn't actually happened yet. So bring yourself back to this very moment, because that is all there is.


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