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Do All This TO Improve Sleep By 91%

Do All This TO Improve Sleep By 91%

Wondering how to improve your night’s sleep Have you been struggling with restless nights Are you wide awake even at late in the night Having trouble with attaining a sound sleep❓



Troubling questions, aren’t they❓ Worry not❗


Here we have enlisted some internationally recognized and medically proven ways for attaining of that perfect sleep. One that you have always desired.


A good night’s sleep is as high in importance as a healthy diet and exercise regime. It benefits by:  
👉 Making you eat less,
👉 Exercise better and
👉 Staying healthy.


The last two decades has seen a startling fact❗ There is a decline in both sleep quality and quantity. In fact, many people regularly get poor sleep .


If you want to optimize your health or lose weight, then getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important things you can do.


5 Proven Ways For Attaining OF That Perfect Sleep You Always Desired


⭐ Increase Exposure To Bright Light During The Day Time


Your body has a natural time-keeping clock known as the ‘Circadian Rhythm’. This affects your brain✔️, body✔️ and hormones✔️. Helping you staying awake and telling your body when it's time to sleep.


The natural sunlight in the day helps by keeping this rhythm healthy. Improving the daytime energy, as well as nighttime sleep quality and duration.


⭐ Reduce Exposure To Blue Light In The Evening


Lesser exposure to blue light at night helps with better sleep . This with the brain understanding exactly when it is daytime and when it is night time. As a high exposure to blue light makes the brain think that it is still daytime. How to do this❓ Try the following:

👉 Wear glasses blocking blue light

👉 Download apps that block blue light on your smartphone

👉 Stop watching TV or turn off your smartphones before going to bed

⭐ Avoid Consuming Caffeine Late In The Day


Many Indians consume caffeine citing its benefits. However, they are less informed about the negative effects.


As per research consuming of caffeine 6 hours before sleep worsens the sleep cycle . As it stays active in the body for 6-8 hours.


⭐ Avoid Consumption Of Alcohol


A few glasses of alcohol has a negative effect on your health. This when taken before sleep at night. The following are the adverse effects of consumption of alcohol:

❗ Increase in symptoms of sleep apnea, snoring and disrupted sleep patterns

❗ Alters night-time melatonin production, a key element in your body's circadian rhythm

❗ Decrease in elevation in human growth hormone during night time


⭐ Benefits From The Detox Foot Pads


These help in cleansing your body as you sleep. Providing with the removal of harmful toxins from the body as you sleep. Ultimately leading to better sleep results. Thus encountering sleep troubles, the solution lies in the Detox Foot Pads . Wear them once or twice a week or a few times in a month – attain complete relief from your sleep troubles.  


The Crux Of The Matter Is …..


Sleep plays a key role in your health. As per research, insufficient sleep is due to an increased obesity risk of 👉 89% in children and 👉 55% in adults. Studies have shown that sleep less than of 7–8 hours per night increases the risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes❗❗ For attaining of optimal health and wellbeing, make sleep a top priority and incorporate some of the tips above. ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️


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