Here Is How Michael Jordan Changed The Sports Industry

The world had witnessed a basketball star player emerge on the global scene. Towards the latter half of the 20th century in the 1980s and 1990s. A superstar came up-front, never seen before on the world sports stage. Michael Jordan and his skills on the basketball court in those gravity-defying slam dunks grabbed the attention of the world. Hitting it by a kind of storm never seen ever before. He went ahead with going ahead to make the basketball popularity go a level up by being global. How? As he brought with him a show-stopping display of athleticism on the court in every game that he featured in. Further to this, it was his off the court heroics like the Nike endorsements and Jordan 1s, that surely propelled the sports industry to the stage it is at present.


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This megastar was selected as the 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Draft announced in the year 1984. It was during this period that Nike signed him on for a 5 years long endorsement contract. Yes! Michael Jordan and his team had won for themselves a national title at the University of North Carolina and a Gold Medal at the Olympic games in Los Angeles in the USA. Yet Jordan was still new to the league. It was all in all a gamble, but one that would go ahead to pay off in a big way. The attendance at the Chicago Stadium alone rose a whopping 87% in the 1984-85 season.


Whenever Jordan one of the greatest basket ball legends put a foot on the court shining bright in his Air Jordan 1s the megastar was slapped with a whopping $5,000 fine. Accumulating all season long the final amount accrued to a whopping sum of $410,000. This fine had nothing to do with Michael Jordan but more so with the black and red Air Jordan shoes on his feet. It had everything concerned with the NBA Commissioner at that time, David Stern. Taking in perspective his dislike of the lack of the traditional white on Jordan’s Nike shoes. This in place of the shoes which were providing an unfair advantage to the megastar. It was a result of this rising development that Nike happily shelled out for the fine.


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The global star athlete quotient wasn’t about Jordan’s slam dunks! But had everything to do with the difference he had in his great slam-dunking leaps. These were a kind of pure seemingly effortless shots from around the court.  There was a larger element as an addition to his reliable showmanship produced on the court. Yes, this was concerning his fans. As a section of those calling him a “ball hog.” However, if the facts from the court are to be seen then they show otherwise. Michael Jordan is a global athlete a brand ambassador who still reigns supreme as the career assists leader for the Chicago Bulls team from the time frame of 1966 to 2020. As he managed in aggregating a whopping sum of 5,012 assists.


Ask this to anyone well informed, and they would pronounce it in a chorus. Anyone tuning in to a game with MJ knew they were in for a good showing. Further, it was unlike the other basketball players. As Jordan included a special clause in his contracts signed. The “love-of-the-game” clause had the advantage to offer to Jordan of playing basketball in the off-season for promoting the sport. On the backing of a smart marketing move, he was put on the map as a top-earning athlete.


Following the announcement when these shoes were banned. Brand Nike more skillfully promoted the way these Air Jordan shoes gave players an advantage on the field. A feature was so great that the NBA wouldn’t allow them on the court anymore. Quite frankly Jordan’s slam dunks had nothing to do with his mastery skills, stamina, or the luck he felt on the court by wearing those old blue UNC shorts under his Chicago Bulls jersey. But maybe it was the shoes. This led to a chain reaction when everyone wanted a pair and a chance to be a superstar basketball player like Jordan.


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Jordan went ahead and 1st made his way back on the court in his new colorways. It was the very 1st instance in the game of basketball that shoes were made with quality and style. The Air Jordan shoes had a brand resonance around them and became a must-have item spawning “sneakerheads.” A section of the people who collect and trade sneakers. This development went ahead in changing the quality of basketball shoes forever.


There were health benefits in plenty by wearing these shoes. Many shared that the high-quality upper materials of these basketball shoes could improve the Breathability of the shoe. Leading to the player experiencing a refreshed charisma during the long basketball games. Moreover, the well-cushioned Mid Sole helps in providing the shock-absorbing capability and avoiding injuries during the intense games out there at the center. Thus in him came out a brand ambassador in the sports domain beyond comparison. Having linked products giving the fans a feeling of finding goods at sports store near me never seen before.

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