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This post here will help you with providing information on how to improve your posture while driving. ✔️ First, let’s have a look at some stats. Are you working the regular 5️⃣ or 6️⃣day week❓ Well, that’s a total of 5️⃣ hours of being in the car per week. 


The stats from the industry are staggering. An average Indian spends around 2️⃣0️⃣ hours in the car per month and 2️⃣4️⃣0️⃣ hours per year.




This accounts for a bad posture while driving. The following are the trouble it causes:

👉 A poked neck

👉 Rounded shoulders

👉 Upper back rounding

👉 Pain in the lower back

👉 A round curvature in the lower back


All of this leads to a slouched posture leading to pain. Along with a degradation in the spinal cord. These are factors of tremendous pain in the back. But worry no more.✔️


We have a way out for you.⭐


Do the following easy and basic steps to attain pain relief .


1. Adjust the seat


By adjusting your seat during your drive provide relief to your back and spinal chord. Are you aware that a wrong posture while driving leads to degenerative changes in the spine? This over a period of time will cause discomfort to you. Avoid this by having a correct posture while sitting. Using a posture corrector when you drive.


2. Using a posture corrector for support


Adjust your car seat accordingly to the shape of your back. You may also use a posture corrector.


The main aim of the posture corrector is to preserve the neutral arch of your lower back. We may not realize but most of us tend to round our back whilst driving.


If your car does not have in-built lumbar support into the seat, consider using a posture corrector instead.


Most cars these days are fitted with lumbar support in the seat which can be adjusted accordingly to the shape of your back.


The main aim of this is to preserve the neutral arch of your lower back. Most of us tend to round our backs whilst driving.


If your car does not have in-built lumbar support into the seat, consider wearing a posture corrector for support.




3. Stretch while you are sitting


Most of our back issues are due to excessive compression of the spine. So sit and stretch. Do the following:

  • Sit with your back against the seat
  • Tilt your lower ribs down to elongate the spine.
  • Place your hands on the side of the seat and push down as you bend forward.
  • Hinge backward until the middle of your upper back is hooked onto the seat.
  • Relax your arms.
  • Re-position your shoulders by rolling backward. 


4. Scapula retraction


Squeeze the shoulder blades together. Feel the muscle between your shoulder blades contract.


How long can you hold this for❓ Try withholding this contraction for the length of a whole song whilst listening to the radio.


What is the importance❓ The scapula retractions will help in strengthening the muscles that are responsible for good posture.


5. Stretch – Stretch Big


So finally you have reached your destination.


Get out of the car and stretch ! The muscles get tight while you are in the car.


Reach out to us for more information on back posture corrector products:


📱 +91-124-6790-466

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