Healthy India A Vision For 2020

Healthy India A Vision For 2020

The march towards a healthy fit society has long begun. India has been doing well lately in the economic field. The signs of a good future are there on the distant horizon. The growth rate index jumped up last week to almost 8.5%⭐. On a similar footing, the healthcare scenario is also progressing up ahead. 


What is health?


Health is the individual's overall well being that considers his/her ✔️Physical, ✔️Mental, ✔️Spiritual, ✔️Societal aspects of life into consideration.


With this broad definition of health, most of what happens to a nation depend on individuals being healthy. Individual health is related to social health and vice versa. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️


Internationally conducted scientific studies have shown that any kind of dependence leads to psychological problems. Even religious fanaticism could lead to personal and societal ill health. This is precisely the reason why it is important to have a healthy nation for all-round development. Only economic development could be counter-productive, witnessed already in the industrialized countries in the last century. While they have physical comforts and easy access to all the material wealth, they were missing health solutions .


The rich exploiting the poor is a daily affair in their idea of development! Making money has become their religion and money is their God. Affluent nations have been destroying the entire God-given resources of this world with their greed and proclivity for comfort. They would, one day must realize that money cannot be used to buy happiness as also that money cannot be used as a substitute for food. A healthy nation is a happy nation consequently, a happy nation would be healthy.


How To Achieve A Healthy India Vision By 2020


Holistic Definition of Heath stresses on social health at par with physical health. Instilling a feeling of sharing and caring, while keeping society tranquil would improve personal health to a great extent.


✔️ Simple rules of healthy exercises and physical activities


✔️ Correct product usage to avoid pain


✔️ Vaccination principles.


We have been doing this in a small way around here with good results. We would be happy to share this with the millions of future leaders of this country so that we could hope to have a more tranquil and healthy society. Children are very intelligent. That every generation is better than the previous one is a genetic truth. They need to be put into the right path in the midst of the multitude of noise that they get daily from their surroundings. Sharing and educating them about natural health products is one great way to march on the path of a healthy lifestyle .

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