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Here Is All The Monday Fitness Motivation You Seek Out

Here Is All The Monday Fitness Motivation You Seek Out

Wondering how to stay fit and healthy during coronavirus Pandemic? Here we will be sharing some ways to staying healthy during the quarantine. We share some important ways of preventing disease.



Lifestyle habits is a key determinant of evaluating those at risk. One such factor is the active physical lifestyle or physical activity (PA). Living a sedentary lifestyle is usually associated with an increased risk for chronic disease, minimal movement, and loss in immunity.


Who is at risk.


  • All those who are in an age group of sixty-five years or older.
  • Those affected with chronic diseases.
  • Those having a compromised immunity.


How is physical activity beneficial.


Physically active individuals usually live longer than those who are inactive or may have a risk of heart disease. Inactivity is an important risk factor similar to high blood pressure, smoking, or high cholesterol. These are some benefits of exercise:


  • Stress and anxiety relief: Stress and anxiety are rising with the current pandemic. Exercising releases chemicals in your brains, such as serotonin and endorphins helping to improve your mood, reduce the risk of depression and cognitive decline, and delay the onset of dementia.


  • A regular Physical Activity helps your immune system function.



  • Having a regular Physical Activity paired with a balanced nutritious diet helps with weight management.


  • A reduction in health risks and preventing of diseases. A regular Physical Activity reduces the blood pressure as well as the risks associated with serious health issues. Such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke when it’s paired a balanced nutritious diet.


  • An active lifestyle improves bone and muscle strength and increases balance and flexibility. This is important for everyone, especially older adults because it can prevent falls and injuries. In children, it aids with growth and development and sets healthy habits for the future.


  • Physical Activity can lessen behavioral issues in children. These such as ADHD and helps with concentration during schoolwork which is important now that they’re at home all the time.



How to be physically active at home


  1. Focus on weaknesses.

    Go through your individual abilities and analyse which ones you excel at, which ones you are moderate at, and which ones you lack the most. Start working on the latter and progress towards the rest. Remember when you’re working on one, you’re not ignoring the rest.
  2. Follow body hold for strength


Lay down a mattress or sheet of cloth on the floor. Lie with your back on the floor. Extend both your legs and hands upwards in synchronization. Hold for a bit and come back to lying flat.

  1. Push-ups for strength.

    Do pushups for upper body strength. This tones the chest muscles. Also helping the shoulder muscles. Start small, increase the number of reps then onwards.
  2. Dynamic high knees


Stand tall by holding one leg bending it in your hand by the foot. Remain in the stance for ten-fifteen seconds. Change sides and repeat thrice for best results for leg muscles.


Hope this article provided you with some value during this crazy time. We hope you can take some of the ideas and implement them in your life.


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