Here Is All The Monday Health Motivation You Seek

Here Is All The Monday Health Motivation You Seek

We bring here for you a healthy Monday motivation amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. The present health scenario has brought in a new set of challenges for all Indians. We are facing new challenges such as getting to the office, school, grocery store or gymnasium,


An important point by American Heart Association


As per healthcare, body prevention is key in limiting the spread of COVID-19. With more people resorting to working from home limits their exposure to crowds. Thus maintaining of healthy habits at home holds the key.


3 Key Factors For Whole Body Health From Home


  1. Do At-Home Workout

    Be fit from home by doing a daily mix of three-to-four exercises. Do each exercise in short bursts. Repeat for two or three times.
  2. Cook and Consume Heart Healthy Meals

    The canned, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables, frozen food and dried grains are great shelf-stable options. Consume these to have on hand for recipes. Avoid consuming of oily food as your physical activity would be limited to only At-Home workouts.


  3. Fight and Knock Off Stress

    An unexpected change in circumstance is stressful. Attain healthy results by using additional time at home as an opportunity to act against stress. For a few minutes, each day meditate, improve your sleep hygiene for more restful sleep. Call friends and family to stay socially connected.


Follow The Basics



Follow them in your everyday activities. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least twenty seconds. Cover your mouth while you cough or sneeze with a tissue and then throw the tissue away. Stay at home and work from home in times like these. Avoid touching surfaces in public, without touching your face. Follow coronavirus government advisory and avoid mingling with people who seem visibly sick.


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