Here Is Your March Health Motivation On Monday

Here Is Your March Health Motivation On Monday

The new month brings with it health wellness trends to leave a deep impact on you. These are all those trends that will change your life moving ahead. Post a year of flux it is time to rethink your routines and to care for yourself in a brand-new way. What was different about this new year? Well, a seismic shift hit 2020 if we are to sum it up in any way possible and reverberated through all of us. It threw our priorities out of the way and goals were shattered and the day-to-day habits were put into a high-speed blender. This topsy-turvy time also offered up an opportunity to reset, restart by embracing the unexpected adding out in figuring the, how to keep going’. Would 2020 you recognize the 2021 version? Possibly not! However, it’s okay. Yes. As out went the packed race corrals and even the after-work happy hour moments. What came in? Make room for pure joy, sweating in unfamiliar ways at home, and even treating your mental health in positive ways. Going ahead with resettling into the new world order and ways was a bit topsy-turvy at 1st, however, this has now turned into a norm for many. The associated silver linings are everywhere. Say for instance consider these trends, turn them into final goals. Within a short frame of time, you’ll have your breakthroughs to do video calls with your friends in about this year. Try with 1, 2…or say all of them. New you? Yes indeed!




5 Key Areas For Wellness Moving Ahead In 2021.


The 5 key areas considering fitness this year are beauty, health, mind, fitness, and food. Time to pan a look at beauty-centered points.


What routine should be followed for beauty results?


Make your routine more like self-care cantered. The skincare rituals you follow whatever they mean for you right now, can and should be a delight to you. As per many celebrity beauty stylists who share tips for blissed-out beauty. Here are the key tips:


  1. Single-Task It.


Start with engaging in the activity with all senses. This even if it’s washing your face or say applying makeup. Start by practicing the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise routine. What is it? Describe the 5 things you see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you hear, 2 things you smell, and 1 thing you can taste. Say for instance a steamy cup of tea on the side.


  1. Linger-Longer.


Do you normally take 30 or 60 seconds for applying a serum or face oil? Then set a timer and check out if you can extend it a little bit. Turn to slow this down. Especially in the evening as this helps your brain in the transition to wind-down mode.


  1. Time To Clear Out Your Cabinet.


 Pare down and organize your products to reflect how you want to feel on the inside. Start by cleaning, in control! Remember this famous quote that, “If you’re looking at a bunch of stuff that’s cluttered, that’s going to make you feel cluttered.” Touché.


Here are some key pointers talking about your health.


This is a recommendation to steer your sleep on a better trajectory. Has the investment of more time at home still not improved your dismal snooze stats? As per data, a third of us are sleep deprived. Moreover, further to this, the pandemic has also created a host of new bed issues. We’ve got some beneficial hacks, from global neuroscientists and neuro-specialist advisors, to get your sleep back on track.


  1. Cooldown your temperature level.


Try controlling your temperature. Were you aware that whenever your body changes temperature rather quickly, this leads to a reduction in sleep progression? Yes. If in case when you don’t have time for a nightly warm bath, then try to cozy foot soak in warm water. Then you may head straight for your cool bedroom.


  1. The benefit of adding in the aromatherapy.


 Spray your bed with lavender or rose. Go ahead with repeating this every night and over time the scent will connect with your mind and make it clear to you that it’s time to rap up the day.


  1. Try doing the heart openers.


There are many benefits of tapping into the relaxation response with some in-bed yoga. Simply lie on your back and lift your butt slightly as you take several deep breaths. Make a bridge pose. End this routine with a savasana by lying flat on your back, arms, and legs in a relaxed state. This move of stretching your chest helps in the process of better oxygenation.


How to better care for your mind?


Here are the key pointers considering the health motivation on Monday around your mind. Follow these for attaining an overall wellness result. If your house doesn’t have a sturdy foundation then, you are aware of the rest. Similarly, it holds for your mental wellness. As last year has made it crystal clear. Find here a great pack of ideas from a mindfulness expert, to prioritize your mental health.


  1. Start by making a bliss list.


Pen down all the activities, people, and things that bring you joy. Pen down a real hard-copy list on paper or go ahead with using the notes app on your phone. Whichever is that you find to be more accessible. Always remember to refresh it often.


  1. Do a check on how it all is going like.


Make time to review this list in a quiet spot once a week. It’s a nice baseline to see how many smile-making activities you’re doing regularly and what you can add for more feel-good days.


  1. Shout out your gratitude.


Do good to let people know how you are grateful for them. As in a way, this will benefit you too, surely. Let them know this clearly, send out a text or handwritten note, or simply write down a glowing review. Research has proved that counting your blessings has a positive effect on your emotional well-being.


What are the key pointers to keep in check considering food?


This is a strong recommendation to eat and cook with your gut health in consideration. Now well saying that is a top priority. Here is a plan from Amanda Baker Lemelin, a World Health advisor and registered dietitian. Which as it turns is a great gut check.


  1. Have some prebiotics on every plate.


The probiotics help to break down the prebiotic fiber to release the short-chain fatty acids. As these helps to provide health benefits. By consuming the pre-stuff present in bananas, garlic, onions, whole grains means diverse bacteria will thrive. Work them into snacks and meals.


  1. Start favoring fermented foods.


Were you aware of this fact? The natural probiotic-rich foods include sauerkraut and kimchi, kefir, yogurt with some live and active cultures, kombucha, tempeh, and even miso. Add some more to your menus. Now!


  1. Nix some sweeteners.


Here is a fact check for you. Artificial sweeteners, as well as the sugars like maple syrup, honey, and even cane, can disrupt sorts in the gut microbiome. While as for an occasional cupcake it won’t instantly throw off that delicate bacteria balance. You must be aware that they can add up quickly. Thus ensure of going easy on the sweet stuff.


What are the key pointers to keep in check considering fitness?




What was once reserved for only the star devotees is now available for all. A few taps will get you from your couch to sweat with a plethora of digital offerings. Yes! What is the mother of them all? You know it. Yes, the Apple Fitness+.


  1. Well does every bit count?


This is true. By doing a 10 minute or say a 20 minutes long workout will straightforward move you ahead. Combine the moves to create a longer session with a variety.


  1. Bring in a competition! Get fired up.


Attain the motivation by pushing yourself ahead while competing with others. Many digital applications have a feature like this. There is a reason for that. Use the mobile fitness applications to move ahead on the course to turning into the fit you.

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