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How To Be Healthy Happy Fit In A COVID-19 World

How To Be Healthy Happy Fit In A COVID-19 World

What all are the health tips for2020 and beyond? We know your world has come to a standstill and taken a merry go round suddenly. But then how to adapt and move on ahead? Do not worry as we will be sharing here with you all the information you seek for carrying out a healthy lifestyle from home.


Yes! Follow our health tips to be strong, fit, and healthy in a COVID-19 world. Adapt in order to survive.


What all needs to be done? Some of these:


  1. Home Fitness Exercises For Wellness.

    Start by doing some muscle toning exercises. Say for like Spot-Jumping. Do For ten-fifteen minutes for starters. Gradually in days interval increase the number of sets. Also, do Push-Up exercises in order to tone your chest muscles. Also providing the important exercises for your shoulder muscles. Pull up a 3, 4, or 5KG weight and lift it for toning your bicep muscles. This is important to ensure there is no clotting of fat in an embarrassing loosened view! Tone the muscles.  
  2. Be Physically Active.

    Yes, this is high on importance as you are stuck in home lockdown2. So naturally what your body craves is active movement. Be mindful of not sitting in one place or in one position for way too long. This will help in making sure that there is active blood flow all around your body! Also, will help in keeping the blood flow all around the body.

    The Corona Virus Lockdown4 imposed has brought life to a sudden standstill. Limiting any form of active movement which was possible due to moving out of the home. Thus, what needs to be done? Move-in and around your home. Do small-small tasks daily. This way you will be happy, fit, and healthy from your home.
  3. Get Moving.

    Switch on the music and dance to the tunes. Avoid cramping for the room. Instead, rise and move. Flex those muscles also ensure you are physically active. Yes, groove!

    There is no need to be a pro in order to dance and groove.


  1. Try Skipping Rope

    What benefit does this provide? This will keep you both active and in shape. Give your body the youth factor it deserves. The body does not wish to slouch on the sofa instead it wants to be active. Hence do spot jumping! Minimal sets! Try the skipping rope for fitness results.
  2. Drink Drink Drink.

    Consume more of water. The human body is 75% liquid and the rest solid. Hence it is immensely beneficial to stay hydrated.

    What to do? Keep a water bottle handy right next to you. Drink from it and re-fill it again whenever it gets empty.


Be healthy by staying active in your home. Doing any kind of physical activity will benefit the body. So be active during the coronavirus epidemic to maintain your heart health, muscle strength, and stay flexible. Get benefits for your mental health as well!

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