How To Begin Monday In A Healthy Way

How To Begin Monday In A Healthy Way

What are your health goals of the week ❓ Have you made a list ❓ Where to start from ❓ Too many questions without any answers❓ Worry not ❗ We share here in this post some ways or tips to begin your week on a healthy note starting with Monday. ✔️



These following tips are to begin your Monday off to a great start. As per a research conducted on the Monday Blues provided a variety of intriguing information. From the fact that people’s moods are not any lower on Monday compared to other days, to the theory that it’s not Mondays we’re reacting to but change, as we transition into the workweek.


Here is the link to the research article 👉 New York Times article , “Mondays Aren’t As Blue As We Think.”


We share the following key points to starting Monday on a positive and healthy note. ⭐✔️


👉 Weekend Planning: Save Energy


Plan on spending Saturday and Sunday with enough energy to actually do fun things and have a functioning mind that can think creatively about work and your life. Always save some energy for the next day.


👉 Planning For Monday On A Friday Afternoon


Always be ahead of time to be ( Infographic⭐) happy and healthy at work. We share with you here five helpful points:

  • Prepare a Monday to-do list explaining what’s next.
  • Write a more detailed note about what you were working on, what you want to go back and redo, or an idea you wanted to pursue.
  • A note that is encouraging and motivating, over a marching-order list of to-dos.
  • Create a Monday task updating it at the end of every Friday.
  • Even better, name that task, “Happy Monday you positive soul!”


👉 Plan Your Weekend With The Right Mix Of Activities


This is the rule for a happy weekend – with the right mix of activities. Get a combination of physical activity, family and friend time, scheduled activities and some open time. Five secrets of successful weekends :



✔️ Do an activity that brings you a lot of joy.

✔️ Use your mornings for personal pursuits.

✔️ Create traditional weekend activities.

✔️ Make time to explore and have adventures.

✔️ Plan a fun activity for Sunday night.

👉 Use the weekend to get started


Like super ambitious professionals use the weekends to plan for the coming week. Tuck in a few hours of work on Saturday to keep the load off from Monday. Remember to feel good about starting your workweek.


👉 Make the most of your Sundays


Two tips for spending a Sunday in a healthy and fit way is with trying either or both of the following:


⭐ Plan a fun activity

⭐ Plan for Monday by spending a few hours


👉 Pace yourself on a Monday


A week is like a long-distance run. Plan something fun on Monday like lunch out with a colleague, splurge on a preferred coffee drink, little easy things. Get to perk up a mood.


👉 Never give in to the Monday story


There is nothing like Monday Blues. It is just another day of the week. Pretend that you love Mondays. When the anxiety creeps in on a Sunday tell yourself that you love Mondays and see the change.



Remember that strategizing for the coming week is important to be ‘Happy and Healthy’


'All The Best' then on having a fit body for the new week. ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

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