How To Live A Healthier Lifestyle in 2021? Time To Check Out Some Ways!

As the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to infect people, a grim reality is that this is here to stay for some time now. We thus in this post try to check out some key recommendations from health experts around few things that must be done in the pursuit of a healthy life. By taking care of one’s own health proves to be a very important point especially in the wake of a global pandemic.  The transmission is via droplets. This coronavirus is one that has been spreading fast and has affected more than 13 crore people across the length and breadth of the world. As per one healthcare professional, Dr. Monica P. Mahajan, the Director, of internal medicine at a 5-star rating hospital in the Indian national capital region, a few simple changes can go a long way to help in boosting the overall health. She has further opened up on the matter by saying that around the lines, “The WHO or the World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being of an individual and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. With such technological innovation, the need of the hour is to put in the physical labor by humans with reducing drastically, directly affecting the health of the individual. On this World Health Day in 2021, let’s take a pledge to make all the necessary changes in our lifestyle in order to attain a healthy life.




Here are some key healthy lifestyle practices that can be adopted in the pursuit of attaining a healthy life.


  1. Be Positive.


As per a senior Indian doctor she says that keeping a positive outlook is extremely important for a healthy mind. She further adds that, we are born survivors. This too shall pass. Hence the goal should be to try to seek a peace of mind through meditation, yoga, music, reading, etc. Avoid negative vibes. She further recommends and encourages the using of technology to remain informed and seek refuge away from COVID-19.


  1. Workout.




How to live a healthier lifestyle in 2021 includes workouts at the fore front. A few lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension or heart diseases are easier to deal. This with by putting in of efforts in preventing them rather than tackling or curing them after a patient gets it. She further adds that working out can keep both mind and body healthy. She has added, “Improvise. There are plenty of options available for exercising at home. Take assistance from the many online videos available and also the fitness application’s. Even dancing to music helps. Performing pranayama and breathing exercises are great for keeping the lungs healthy and fit.


  1. Eat Sensibly.


A nutritious diet helps in a big way. Nutrition is another important step towards going on a path of a healthy life, as per Dr. Mahajan. She further adds that, “The abs muscles are made in the kitchen. You would not want to gather flab and raise your cholesterol levels and sugar matter during the pandemic. Thus healthy eating habits hold the key and are important for improving immunity.”


She has further highlighted that underlying diseases related to unhealthy lifestyle choices can become a deterrent in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19.


  1. Streamlining Of Medical Records.


As per Dr. Mahajan she is further suggestive of creating a medical records file for the entire family. As monitoring each ones individual trajectory of behavior during this viral outbreak is important. She has added that, by keeping of a record or chart of your doctor prescribed medications and other health-related activities like temperature variations, other symptoms or anything else will only help in the long run. Thus document allergies, surgeries and immunization records whenever you can.


  1. Don’t Panic! Stay Calm.


As per the advice given by Dr. Mahajan, then this is important to keep a calm mind. As this will do wonders for you. She has further suggested that refraining from any sorts of self-diagnosis is also largely helpful. She has said that, in the case of any symptoms showing, the need is of avoiding any kind of self-diagnosis. Rather go ahead and reach out to your doctor for help. Keep calm and do not panic. Focus on recovery and keep others safe from catching the infection.


What To Do Post Getting Vaccinated? Health Tips!


Given the recent surge in the coronavirus cases in India, the initiation of vaccination drive for 18+ has indeed come as a blessing in disguise. However, yet as per a few reports circulating they are suggestive of the fact that many people who have already been vaccinated are still contracting the virus. While still a significant large part of the population in the country is yet to be vaccinated for their 1st doze, it is important that we continue taking all the precautions, even post the vaccination is done. There are certain things to be kept in mind after getting vaccinated. While the COVID vaccine may provide you with a protective layer against the virus, you may still get infected and contract the virus, which is why health experts and authorities have asked everyone reaching out to the masses to continue following all certain precautions that may keep everyone safe. Here are some things you must do and follow even after getting the vaccination done. Wearing your masks will still be of the highest importance. A majority of the Indian population is yet to be fully vaccinated, which is why it is of a key importance to follow all precautionary measures in place, including wearing of masks, social distancing and proper hand washing practices. In the post-vaccination stage, a person may develop a certain amount of immunity against the viral outbreak, but it does not mean that he or she cannot be a carrier of the virus. Therefore, in order to protect other unvaccinated people, it is important that you continue wearing your masks for the larger good of the society. The above listed wellness tips for 2021 will come in the larger good of the society.

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