Inspire Others By Sharing Your Weight Loss Journey

Inspire Others By Sharing Your Weight Loss Journey

I wish to attain natural weight loss this year. Here are my plans for the year to lose weight. Been there! Done that. Yes, this holds true for many people. We all have been in that position where on some occasion in our life we have faced this situation, planning our weight loss plans. How to move ahead from this stage? The best way of motivating others is through sharing your success story. As for starters go ahead with stocking up on healthy foods. If in the case you're responsible for food shopping in your home, then make sure that you are including lots of healthy choices, a few like fruits and veggies. Pick health products especially those with healthy choices. Remember to encourage fitness. Learn to listen! How long does it take for others to notice your weight loss journey? While talking in terms of how your body looks, on average it usually takes around 4 weeks for your friends to notice your weight loss transformation. Also, around 6 to 8 weeks for you to notice. This is shared by the many certified personal trainers. All your friends who don't see you every day are much more likely to see the change than someone you're around all the time.




Thus, the best is to inspire your network and everyone around you by sharing ahead of your weight loss journey. One such is of Ram Kapoor, the Indian Bollywood, and Television actor. He took to rigorous workout routines and a diet regime to bring about a change in himself. He created a ripple and hit the internet with a storm after posting a series of pictures on Instagram. The fans just could not keep calm. It was in the way of a series of selfies, that Ram showed off his newly attained leaner and undoubtedly attractive physique. Another apparent thing was that he seemed to have changed his look completely. Coming out as looking with donning a French beard with a tinge of pepper and salt hair. He posted a photograph of his drastic transformation on social media. The next story is about Disha Bhatt. This will motivate all those people who want to lose weight for a whole slew of different reasons. Some people want to feel better about the way they look and give their self-esteem a boost. As for a few others, they aim to stop using food as a coping mechanism for emotional struggles. No matter whichever reason you have for wishing of shedding some kilos or where you are in your weight loss journey, the inspiring weight loss success stories are proving the fact that it's never too late to turn things around.  To move ahead to get a new lease on life. The many known people you'll hear more about have battled and overcome their difficult challenges, such as depression, anxiety, and feelings of self-worthlessness to achieve their weight loss transformations. Do you know what that means? It means that you can do it, too!


The next story is of Amisha Nair who spent most of her young-adult life in a pattern of losing weight on various diets. Only ending up with gaining it all back. It was in January 2018, that she hit 147 KGs, her 2nd heaviest weight. Then she took the call to seek help and did some research for products online. All to address her unhealthy eating habits. "I realized that I needed help when I found myself living the same dismal day repeatedly. Amisha told a women's health magazine in April 2019, "It took my friends telling me about my weight gain to make me realize how awful my eating habits had become. I ate from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed at night." Once she had to deal with her anxiety issues, depression breakdowns, and even a binge-eating disorder, Amisha was able to cut out fast food from her diet, reduce her portion sizes, and started on the Nutrafy Keto diet plan. She even started exercising daily for 45 minutes. All this helped her to lose 86.18 KGs in a matter of 2 years. In the present day, she says that she takes things "1 meal or 1 moment, at a time." We are of the strong belief that being overweight is not an issue. Only if you can do your daily workouts and are flexible enough. But, when your body starts bearing the brunt of your weight it is then that you should take out time to take control of your life. As for many the most difficult part of being overweight is in with the fact that their body is no longer flexible, and it does affect the way they live their life.




Another inspiring weight loss transformation journey is of Jigyasa Mehendiratta. She was only 16 years old when she had to face excruciating life challenges. While looking out for a way to cope with her challenges and weight gain, she turned to the Keto diet. Over time she overcame her food cravings, she weighed 181 KGs.  Luckily, Jigyasa had people around her who cared about her wellbeing and were concerned by what they saw. In her pursuit of achieving change, her office colleague pulled her aside to express concerns about her health. Even asking her to go through some product-specific information available online. The information had a major effect on Jigyasa and she gradually but surely replaced fast food with healthy, natural meals. As a result, she became more committed, going on a vegan diet, and by mid-2018, she had lost 68.03 KG. In January 2019, she wrote on Instagram that even though losing weight is hard, what's even harder is facing yourself and then dealing with the issues that drove you to overeat, to begin within the 1st place. Thus the best way is with continuing on your path without giving up. As the weight loss results and slimming changes are lying ahead however far they may seem.

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