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Many Benefits Of Being True To Your Healthy Self

Many Benefits Of Being True To Your Healthy Self

Were you aware of the surprisingly powerful health benefits of being nicer to yourself? As per the emerging field of self-compassion research, there is a fruitful reason for being kind to yourself. Seen as one of the best things you can do for your health and wellness.


How to love your body



“I hate being fat, wish I was slimmer. Nothing fits my body at all. I wish I had her body.” Are you experiencing thoughts like these?


Loving your body is easier than done! We know it!


Start by learning to love your body the way it looks. Appreciate it, acknowledge yourself in the mirror. This will give you self-confidence today and in the future.




Write three things you love about yourself! About your body!


Say for instance:

  1. I am carrying shiny straight hair on myself.
  2. I am having a pure happy detox body.
  3. I am having the purest smile.


Remember that you are one of a kind. So embrace it!


Do you know of the immense power of self-compassion?


Practicing of self-care varies from person to person. It might look like taking a much-needed mental health day or finally scheduling that doctor's appointment you put off. But there's one thing you might be overlooking that could make a huge difference in your everyday life.


This is being kind to yourself. As per experts, self-compassion goes a long way in terms of your overall mental wellbeing and health. Here are the surprising benefits you may not know that will convince you to be nicer to yourself:


  1. You will have less stress.
  2. You will lower your heart rate.
  3. You will boost your immune function.
  4. You will be less anxious and depressed.
  5. You will stick to your weight loss goals for sure.


You can better handle life's challenges.


Studies show self-compassion can help you cope with whatever life throws your way, By learning how to deal with adversity, you can be resilient enough in body and mind to meet any health challenge. Attain life’s health benefits of life by being resilient in mind and body.


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