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Scam Alert: Beware Of Fraudulent Calls & Fake Offers Using Nutrafy’s Name

Scam Alert: Beware Of Fraudulent Calls & Fake Offers Using Nutrafy’s Name

We know that e-commerce shopping scams and frauds are on the rise. Hence we realize the importance of protecting your online credentials and ensuring that you do not fall victim to these online frauds. This article will inform you about the typical modus operandi of such online fraudsters trying to exploit Nutrafy Wellness online customers by committing financial fraud or stealing personal information.


Issued in public interest by Nutrafy Wellness Pvt. Ltd.


Have you recently received:
👉  An email,
👉  A call,
👉  A  SMS,
👉 A WhatsApp or any other social media message claiming of providing unbelievable discounts and offers from Nutrafy Wellness❓ Have you won a lucky draw competition offering a lavish car❓ Look again, and make sure that the message is authentic. None of these messages are sent by any official Nutrafy Wellness channels. But by fraudsters and scammers intending of deceiving you. Without a proper vigil, you may end up becoming a victim of fraud. Leading of losing both your money and your personal data. These fraudsters intend to make a fast buck by misappropriating the familiar and trustworthy name of Nutrafy Wellness. We advise you not to trust these fraudulent individuals or agencies with your hard-earned money or with your personal and financial information. Always re-confirm with authentic and original Nutrafy Wellness sources first.


How to react if you come across any such fraudsters


We share here what to do if you come across a suspicious promotional message, which you think is fraudulent. Without any hesitation, please report it immediately by reaching out to the Nutrafy Wellness Customer Support number 📱+91-124-6790-466. Kindly help the Nutrafy customer care representative with as many details as possible. All of this info. will enable us to investigate the issue deeply and protect other customers like you.


This article informs and educates you about how you can shop safely on Nutrafy. Also attaining the best deals without falling prey to any scammers and frauds.


Security Tips To Keep Your Nutrafy Account Safe

👉 Set unique passwords for your Nutrafy Account

👉 Set a strong password using a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters, numerals, and special characters

👉 Remember to change your password at regular intervals

👉 Avoid using any recent passwords

👉 Forgotten your Nutrafy account password❓ No need to worry. Reset it using the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the Nutrafy website. A One-Time-Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number


Ways In Which Fraudsters May Get In Touch With You


Fake websites


These appear like Nutrafy Wellness. They may make illegal use of the Nutrafy logo and artwork. Additionally, these fraudulent websites may have names and internet addresses (URLs) using the word ‘nutrafy’ in them, for example: nutrafy.online.com. Although such websites pretend to be associated with Nutrafy by using similar-looking and similar-sounding names, they are not authorized by Nutrafy Wellness.


Fake Messages


Any fake messages on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. Fraudsters and cheats may use any of these familiar messaging platforms to send you messages with fake offers, discounts, fake contests, lucky draws, etc.

  • Some Nutrafy customers have reported receiving messages where they are asked to provide details such as name, mobile number, address, banking details, etc.
  • Customers are asked to share the fraudulent messages with other individuals or groups with a promise to win lucrative prizes like a car or motorcycle, or any other item
  • Recipients are offered products at unbelievable prices (e.g. a Tata Safari car)
  • On clicking the embedded links, you may be lured to a website that appears to be very similar to Nutrafy
  • You may be asked to make payments through online wallets, bank transfer, or other means for logistics or taxes to avail a ‘free gift’ or a ‘prize’
  • Some fraudsters may post fake messages containing ‘Nutrafy Customer Care’ or ‘2GUD Customer Care’ phone numbers to mislead online shoppers. These numbers are likely to be posted in Facebook posts or comments, or direct messages on social media platforms like Twitter. Please note that the official Nutrafy Customer Care number is +91-124-6790-466.

Fake Calls Or SMS To Customers

Often, customers may receive calls from unknown numbers. The callers may speak English, Hindi or any other language. They may lure you with information that you have won ‘free gifts’ or that your mobile number has been selected through a ‘lucky draw’, etc.


This is how such criminals operate:


  • In order to avail of these gifts, you will be asked to reveal sensitive personal or financial information or credentials such as your bank account numbers, electronic wallet details, credit/debit card information, CVV, PIN or OTP.
  • They may also lure you to a website that appears similar to Nutrafy Wellness or send you a fake/ fabricated certificate.
  • They may claim to be Nutrafy Wellness employees or partners of Nutrafy and may display fake identity cards as proof. It is easy to fabricate such documents in order to make you believe that they are genuine.
  • You may also be asked to transfer money to certain digital wallets to claim prizes or gifts. Note that these accounts are not managed by Nutrafy, but by fraudsters who want to cheat you.



Phishing ( Fake Emails ): 


‘Phishing’ is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details for malicious reasons by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Phishing emails are sent by fraudsters. The emails may ask you to visit malicious links through which your personal and/or financial information can be obtained and be used without your consent to carry out fraudulent transactions. You may lose money, as well as personal and sensitive information. Your systems such as desktop computers, laptops or mobile phones can get infected or compromised by malware/viruses upon opening or clicking on the links in such emails.


⭐ Fake online games/websites (discount coupons/gift vouchers/offers/online games):


Online scams of this type reach out to customers, asking them to play games such as ‘spin the wheel,’ which promise free gifts, cash prizes, and other tempting bait. The players are often asked to share the game with their contacts to be able to avail the prize, which, of course, never materializes. Users are made to part with sensitive personal information such as their email id, address and mobile phone number. By participating, you are at risk of fraud.



Now that you are aware of how online frauds work, here’s what you should also know about frauds that are perpetrated outside of the internet and mobile world.


Fake offers from fraudulent Marketplace Sellers. Sometimes, when you take delivery of an order you placed on Nutrafy Wellness, you may receive a pamphlet or an insert, which asks you to make future purchases on some other online shopping site or portal to avail higher discounts. Similarly, certain callers who identify themselves as Nutrafy sellers may ask you to place orders directly with them, bypassing the approved payment methods on the Nutrafy site. They may ask for payment to be made directly to them through other channels. Often, they may call you and ask you to cancel your Nutrafy order. Once you agree to any such deals with these fraudulent sellers, Nutrafy will not have any control over any information you might share with them. You are at risk of fraud if you accept such offers.


Letters and scratch cards received by post or courier


Our security team has observed that certain scamsters may send letters and scratch cards over post and courier. The letter typically declares that you have won a high-value prize like a car or motorcycle. You will be asked to call a phone number mentioned in the letter or directed to a fake website that appears similar to Nutrafy.com. Through these fraudulent means, scammers intend to cheat you of your money by getting access to your financial details or personal information. Please note that such offers and codes are invalid and cannot be applied on the official Nutrafy website, m-site. Further, Nutrafy does not ask you to provide money towards expenses such as registration, tax, etc. if you play and win games on the official Nutrafy app, m-site or website.


Fake Job Offers


Such scams may involve offers of employment against certain commissions/fees and may appear especially in newspaper advertisements and job portals. Nutrafy never solicits, nor has it authorized any third party, to collect money from potential candidates for employment or contracts (for more information, read this post on Fake Nutrafy job offers).


Fake Nutrafy Franchises


In this type of scam, the fraudsters typically lure public to set up delivery hubs, etc. in the space available with you for a very lucrative rent. However, they demand certain fees/commission to take this further. They may also set up fake websites where you are asked to register your business. Please note that Nutrafy does not demand any kind of fees or commission for setting up a franchise. If you come across any requests for such payments, you may be dealing with a fraudster. Please report such people or agencies at once.




The Nutrafy security team has observed certain other fraud patterns in which customers may receive fraudulent SMS or WhatsApp messages or calls from fraudsters. Fraudsters may mislead customers by pretending to represent Nutrafy. A fraudster may quote your recent order numbers (which may be obtained from discarded packaging brands or covers) and ask customers to pay upfront charges through bank transfer/wallets, etc. They may also ask you to share your bank details, debit/credit card details (including card number, CVV and PIN) and/or certain personal details like Aadhaar or PAN card details. In a few instances, you may be asked to install third-party applications like AnyDesk. The Reserve Bank of India had issued a cautionary alert about the dangers of installing Anydesk.


Such software programs can take control of your mobile phone and access personal information as well as stored financial information. Please be assured that Nutrafy or its authorized representatives will never ask you for these details. Neither will you be asked to install any third-party applications.


In case you receive any such calls or messages, disconnect immediately. Do not share any information with the callers. Please bring such matters to our attention as soon as possible by contacting our customer care number +91-124-6790-466 or by sending a direct message (DM) on Twitter to Nutrafy Support (@nutrafywellness). Please share details like the fraudsters’ phone numbers, or screenshots of suspicious messages received with our helpful customer care representatives.




Nutrafy customers can shop only on the official desktop website of Nutrafy. You cannot conduct online shopping on Nutrafy through any other website or online platform other than this.


Nutrafy has not authorized any third-party sites to represent it or to offer discounts or deals on its behalf. If you part with your personal/financial information or monies despite our cautionary advice, please understand that you are doing so at your own risk.




That’s a good question. Of course, we know you want to make the most of deals, discounts and offers, but you must ensure that they are legitimate in the first place. Please visit https://www.nutrafy.com/ for the latest news and announcements regarding all authorized offers, sales and discounts. These are the most accurate and reliable sources of information. Even if you read about Nutrafy offers on reputable news websites or social media pages, please verify the information by visiting the official and authorized Nutrafy channels before you do your shopping.


Please visit these online resources for the latest information about Nutrafy:

– Official Facebook page for Nutrafy

– Official Instagram page for Nutrafy Stories

– Official Twitter account of Nutrafy


Nutrafy or its authorized representatives will never ask you to disclose your confidential information such as passwords, OTP and PIN numbers. By disclosing such information to unauthorized persons, you are at risk of being a victim of financial fraud and unlawful collection of personal information. You may even be lured into conducting fake online transactions or fraudsters may use your banking credentials to carry out frauds on our platform.


In case you have encountered financial loss due to any such frauds, you may reach out to us to immediately by calling the Nutrafy Customer Support toll free number +91-124-6790-466. We will try to cancel the order and process the refund back to the source, wherever it is feasible and within the control of Nutrafy. In other cases, you will have to reach out to your banks and respective cyber crime police stations to lodge an official complaint. We will not share any details of suspected buyers with you directly. It will be shared only with law enforcement agencies on a case-to-case basis.


Your support can help protect customers like yourself, and the general public, from frauds. Report any suspicious activities to the Nutrafy Customer Support toll-free number +91-124-6790-466. You can also send us an email


Nutrafy takes information security seriously and initiates necessary actions on a continual basis. In the past, we have investigated cases and have taken legal action against fraudsters, scammers and imposters while continuing to strengthen our systems and processes. Please help us in our endeavor to enhance customer data security for online shopping in India.


Please read Nutrafy’s Privacy Policy for more information. For any of your customer support requirements, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the Nutrafy Help Centre.

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