These Hacks Will Help You Boost Your Brain Productivity Naturally

Just like the rest of our body parts, the brain changes and adapts to different conditions throughout our lives. In our brain, we continuously develop new connections and repair the broken ones. For years, we have talked about heart health and its importance. However, increasing evidence has proven that brain health is equally important. Good brain health can reduce the risks of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Hence, making good lifestyle choices can have a significant impact on our brain health, too. 

What we eat plays an important role in keeping our brain actively running and generating new brain cells. Consider the brain as a muscle of your body that needs exercise to keep it up to the minute. Enhancing brain activity sounds complex but it isn’t. It is as easy as the exercise routines you follow to stay physically fit.

  • Eat Brain-Boosting Snacks
    It is vital to feed your body and brain with food that has high levels of Omega 3 fats. Nuts, berries, coffee, dark chocolates, green vegetables, eggs, fish, constitute Omega 3 fats. Consume antioxidant-rich food, take supplements of Vitamins to prevent the decline of cognitive ability. The brain metabolizes these nutrients to maintain the various chemical reactions. 


  • Mental Instigation
    Carrying out activities that require you to completely focus and think, activates new brain cells. It also develops neurological flexibility. Amp up the habit of performing mentally challenging tasks such as math problems, vocabulary riddles, painting, and other such crafts. Participate in activities like playing chess, or solving sudoku that forces you to think. Engage in challenging conversations that compels you to step out of the box and think.


  • Physical Exercises 
    Physical exercises that make the body muscles work, also hike the brain reactions. To put it scientifically, exercises help to increase the oxygen levels in our brain and accelerate the brain cells. It elevates the syncing of brain cells as well and fastens the development of new cells. Regular physical activity also signals the body to consume fewer calories and in turn, helps maintain optimal body weight. 


  • Emotional Intelligence 
    If you endure feelings of anxiety, overthinking, nervousness, depression, or exhaustion, you need to treat them. Consider practising yoga or meditation regularly to keep your emotions in order. If you let these feelings take control of you, it will lead to a decline in cognitive ability. You need to rehearse your brain to keep your emotions stable. Take out time from your daily schedule to unwind and relax. 


  • Read
    The idiom ‘every trick in the book’ stands true as it is the key to infinite answers. Reading increases the brain's functioning. It trains it to process information faster and improves focus. It pushes the brain to react quickly, and polish its organisational capabilities. Reading also improves the visual abilities of the brain and significantly grows your creative abilities.


  • Socialize 
    The human brain responds better to social bonds and connections. Socializing with other people leads to a lower threat of dementia in old age. It also pumps up the hormone, oxytocin in your brain which leads to better functioning. Engaging in meaningful conversations also expands our knowledge, sharpens our memory, and creates an overall feeling of well-being and happiness. 


  • Herbs and Spices
    Adding herbs and spices to your meals is a great natural way to boost brain productivity. Rosemary, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Sage are a few herbs and spices which enhance memory and develop cognitive skills. Everyday consumption of the mentioned herbs and spices also helps decrease the probability of old age diseases like Alzheimer's. 


  • Steer Away from Blue Lights
    Our daily tasks depend heavily on the usage of smart devices. Smartphones, laptops, and televisions emit blue light which is harmful in many ways. Firstly, it is a foe to your eyes. It can cause the eyes to dry out, get red and feel itchy. Also, your brain despises it as it disables the generation of new brain cells. It reduces your brain’s thinking ability. Finally, the sleep cycle gets disrupted. Our mind is not able to relax as the blue light signals the brain to wake up at a time it is supposed to wind down. It reduces the sleep hormone, melatonin. We advise you to turn off all your devices at least two hours before your bedtime. 


  • Slow Down Your Routine
    Resting your body and mind is not a luxury. It is a necessity. It is during this resting period that our body can heal itself. Apart from physical healing, slowing down also helps to address our mental and emotional concerns. It helps to guide our minds to process the different feelings and give a healthy response. Listen to soothing music or take a walk while being surrounded by nature. Seek the help of professionals if you feel too overwhelmed.  


The brain is the most important organ of our body. It is in charge of coordinating our actions and reactions, learning and judging the various stimuli in our environment and creating memories, and finally, feeling the basic emotions. Ageing is a natural process that has an impact on not just our physical health, but also our mental health. A good diet, followed by regular exercise is essential to prevent neurological diseases. Social interaction should also be prioritized. It helps to ward off depression and feelings of loneliness. From time to time, just like our other organs, our mind requires professional help too. Do not hesitate to seek help. As having a sound body and mind will lead to a higher quality of life. 


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