Weight Loss: Expectations Vs Reality

Weight Loss: Expectations Vs Reality

How to lose weight and turn slim❓ Have you been worried about gaining more weight than losing❓ Losing weight can be tough, long and rigorous exercise. Worry no more❗ We share here with you a pure, natural and revolutionary way to lose weight.


What are the expectations with weight loss 




👉 Fast results


This is a huge expectation many people have around weight loss.

Because of all the diets and weight loss programs that promise a stone lost in a matter of weeks.

Yet when we actually start exercising regularly and eating quality food, the weight seems to take every bit of effort to come off.

When you’re expecting to lose about 5️⃣ pounds in a week and it’s a struggle to lose just one, then it takes a toll on your motivation.




👉 Losing weight will make you happier


A research finding is suggestive of the fact that while losing weight one experiences satisfaction. Also making you temporarily happier. The overall happiness depends on various other factors in your life.  As you lose weight and become healthier, focus on creating healthy work relationships, personal relationships and fit hobbies aswell.


how to lose weight


👉 The weighing scale will immediately start to change with implementing new habits in your life


You wish things were these ideal in life. But just like all good things in life take time so does losing weight. Check out this video on 👉  healthy habits and witness the weight fall for yourself.


👉 Weight loss will be perfect and linear


With results showing, the expectation is that the scale will change every single week.  However, in reality, it’s normal for results to vary❗ In some week’s time, depending on the types of foods we consume, or even our hormones, the scale might go up before it drops more. 


Expect the scale to sometimes go up and other times go down. It is important for understanding that daily fluctuations are healthy and normal.


👉 The number on the weighing scale is the only way to measure progress




However, that is only the tip of the iceberg. As you begin your journey to lose weight, give yourself some extra love when reality differs from your expectations. Whatever happens, DO NOT give up❗

Are you more energized❓  

How are you sleeping❓  

How are your clothes fitting❓  

How are your workouts feeling❓  

Do you get tired and “crash” in the afternoon


There are literally hundreds of ways to measure progress. 


The reality of weight loss ⭐


Don’t be disappointed if you don’t lose 12 pounds in the first week. You are going to understand the effort it can take. Losing weight can be easy, however staying the same is even easier. Keep using fitness and weight loss products for the best results.


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