Well Are You Eligible? Don't Risk People's Life & Go Get Vaccinated

Alright then here is the Covid-19 India vaccine update for you. We are at this very instance having #2 major vaccines who have got the government approval for mass immunization. This brings with it a lot of cheer among the masses but in accordance with the realisation of being vigilant. The scope of having vaccines does not in any way nullify the importance of the practices followed since 2019. What types? Here are some of the more prevalent practices brought in a habit:

  • Social Distancing.
  • Hand Washing Practices.
  • Wearing Of Masks.
  • Keeping Updated A Contact Tracing Application On Your Phone and many more.




Why Is Vaccination So Important


With vaccination comes a safe and an effective way to prevent disease outbreak and save lives. In addition with it This is crucial now more than ever before. In the modern times there are vaccines available to protect against at least 20 diseases. From the likes of diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza and measles. Talking of numbers then all these together, the vaccines save the lives of up to 3 million people each year. Here is the importance of getting vaccinated. When we get vaccinated, we aren’t just protecting ourselves, but also those around us. Some people, like those who are seriously ill, are advised not to get certain vaccines, so they depend on the rest of us to get vaccinated and help reduce the spread of disease. During the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination continues to be critically important. The pandemic has caused a decline in the number of children receiving routine immunizations, which could lead to an increase in illness and death from preventable diseases. WHO has urged countries to ensure that essential immunization and health services continue, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19?


Why Should I Get Vaccinated? Go Get Vaccinated!




Here is the secret for you that without vaccines, we are all at a risk of serious illness. Even disability from diseases like measles, meningitis, pneumonia, tetanus and polio. Many of these diseases can be life-threatening in their effect. As per a WHO estimate it is stated that vaccines save between 2 and 3 million lives every year. Yes, as some diseases may have become uncommon, the germs that cause them to continue to circulate in some or all parts of the world even today. The modern world, accounts for infectious diseases as being like ones that can easily cross borders and infect anyone who is not protected. The 2 key reasons to get vaccinated are to protect ourselves and to protect those around us. As with not everyone can be vaccinated! This is including many young babies, those who are seriously ill or have certain allergies. As they are dependent on others being vaccinated to ensure they are also safe from vaccine-preventable diseases.


The #3 Vaccine Contenders In India




A 3rd coronavirus vaccine has been approved for use in India amid a deadly 2nd wave of infections. This one is the Russian made Sputnik V. It has been deemed to be safe and works in a way similar to the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab which is being made in India as Covishield vaccine. The Sputnik V jab gives around 92% protection against the Covid-19 outbreak. A late stage trial results published in The Lancet revealed this. The Indian nation has so far given more than 100 million doses of 2 approved vaccines. These being the CoVishield and CoVaxin. With Sputnik V's approval comes a breather for India as the country overtook Brazil to become the country with the 2nd-highest number of cases globally. As with the total case tally of more than a whopping 13.5 million cases, India stands on the brink of a grim reality. The number of cases are rising by the hour. The hospital beds have started to run short of being available. India is now only behind the United States which has reported more than 31 million cases and is the worst affected nation in the world. With a case tally of 13.4 million people, the South American nation of Brazil is now at number 3.


Here is the target the Indian government has set to inoculate its people. India aims to vaccinate as many as 250 million priority people as per a list it has prepared by the end of July in 2021. However, some experts are of the view that the pace of vaccination has been slow and timid. Thus unless the drive is scaled up and accelerated then the target could be missed. Towards the end of April the Indian government decided to give emergency approvals to vaccines already in use in other countries. This was a step taken in quickness citing the state of affairs considering the virus outbreak. The concerned authorities said the decision comes in the wake of the developments in order to take the "expand the basket of vaccines for domestic use and hasten the pace and coverage of vaccination" goal up ahead. It was further added that these vaccines, all those that have been approved by the regulators in the US, the UK, European Union and Japan would be given a fast-track approval go ahead in India. As per those in the health ministry it was further added that the 1st 100 recipients of such vaccines would be monitored for a duration of 7 days. This before a mass a wider rollout is allowed. What this means is that vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna could become available for the Indian population. However as per the government it is yet to give any details pertaining to this matter.


As per the Serum Institute or SII, the Indian maker of the vaccine, has said that the CoVishield is "highly effective" and backed by phase III trial data from Brazil and United Kingdom. As per the clinical trials these were a 3-phased process to determine whether the vaccine induces good immune responses and whether it causes any unacceptable side-effects. But patients' rights group, All India Drug Action Network, says its approval has been rushed because the manufacturer has not completed a "bridging study" of the vaccine on Indians for favourable health outcomes after the jab.

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