What All Benefits Does This Product Deliver For Back Pain

What All Benefits Does This Product Deliver For Back Pain

As per research, nearly 8️⃣0️⃣% of Indians will experience a back problem during their lifetime, Ajay Goel suffers from back pain. For many, the injury is triggered by a strenuous activity, like gardening or weightlifting. Simply bending down to pick up a pencil can also cause the back to give out.


“It felt like a screwdriver was piercing through my bones,” the 45-year-old Mumbai artist says about the pain that developed. This shortly after he bend down to pick up his bag. “It took over my life. Stopping me from bending down or sleeping. I was petrified I would never feel normal again.” The estimated worldwide lifetime prevalence of low back pain varies from fifty percent to eighty-four percent. It is important to understand the level of quality of life (QOL) and disability. This among women with low back pain is an important health issue at a global level.


A woman is the nucleus of the Indian family. Her daily work schedule is very arduous and demanding in nature. Adding to her household work, the other time she spends is in energy-demanding activities. This is not only strenuous but also repetitive making them overburdened as well as leading them to a continuous health risk. The nonneutral posture of the trunk frequently adopted by women is a risk for developing low back pain. Their daily chores like bending down to pick up things, carrying heavy loads may lead to back pain.


The estimated worldwide lifetime prevalence of low back pain varies from some fifty percent to eighty-four percent. Studies in the developed countries have shown that the low back pain prevalence was six point eight percent in the USA, thirteen point seven percentage in Denmark, twelve percentage in Sweden, fourteen percentage in the United Kingdom, thirty-three percentage in Belgium and twenty-eight points four percentage in Canada. A similar study in some developing countries has revealed a much higher incidence of seventy-two point four percentage in Nigeria, sixty-four percentage in China and fifty-six points two percentage in Thailand. The stats of low back pain in India is at an alarming level with nearly sixty percent of the people have suffered from low back pain at some time during their lifespan.


Ways to help alleviate backaches:


 🔼 Limiting bed rest

Many studies have shown that lying more in bed leads to a greater backache than staying in bed for a lesser time period. The more active you are the lesser pain you shall have.

🔼 Ongoing exercising

Physical activity is the best remedy for pain. Come out of the sitting posture and put your body in the natural upright position.

🔼 Maintain a good posture

The pain might have risen out of a continuous period of strain. People have a bad posture while going about the daily activities causing strain on their back.

🔼 Back Posture Corrector product

This back brace will help you stand tall and straight. This is a back pain reliever which is strong yet comfortable.

🔼 Easy To Put On

This product here is easy to put on and wear. It is the only product available which you can wear all by yourself without any help required.


Take a straight upright stand for a better lifestyle by grabbing one of these products now! Hurry up as many offers running on this back posture corrector product.




"I am into sports and physical activities. During an instance of my regular workout, I had injured my back. My orthopedic doctor advised me to wear a posture corrector. Upon searching for I found this adjustable posture corrector . This helped me in aligning by back in the correct position required during the recovery phase. Am relieved after using this product. Now can go back to active sports again." - Mukesh Bhadana, an active wrestler.


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