What Is Your Idea Of Losing Weight

What Is Your Idea Of Losing Weight

How to naturally lose weight is something many people are always looking out for ways to do so. What was the thing about the COVID-19 enforced global lockdown? Weight gain! Yes, you know this. As right from minimal to 0 physical activity by being confined to your house led to a large amount of food munching. Yet there were a few who took this opportunity to explore fitness activities by working out at their home itself. If you were among them, that’s great! However, if otherwise then how do you plan on to lose weight now? What are your to-do activities in this new world order? We will be checking out some ways which you can explore to carve a path of attaining fitness in your lives. With being safe and secured at the same time. Here let us look at a research study from the USA which has shown that among those aged under 60 years, obesity was twice as likely to result in being admitted to a hospital establishment for coronavirus. This finding was also suggestive of the fact that being obese significantly increased the likelihood that the person would need intensive care as well. Here is a look into how to stay healthy at home during the pandemic. By keeping to your regular routines as much as possible and with maintaining a daily schedule for yourself with including sleeping, meals and physical activities. Make sure you stay socially connected. Calm down and cool your mind by speaking to loved ones and people you trust every day or as much as possible. With using the telephone, video-calls or messaging, through writing E-Mails or letters etc. Invest and use this time to share your feelings instead of keeping them inside of you. Also go ahead with doing some common hobbies together. Stay physically active every day for the larger health benefits. Avoid reducing the long periods of sitting and set up a daily routine that is including at least 30 minutes of physical activities.




Here are some ways in which you can stay fit and active while spending most of your time and staying at home. Ensure, that you trying and reducing long periods of time spent sitting on a chair, whether it is for work, during studying, watching your favorite show on TV, reading a book, or if it is surfing the internet using social media or playing an online game using screens. The key is in reducing the time spent sitting for long periods. Start with taking short 3-5 minutes breaks at every 20 to 30 minutes intervals. How? Start by simply standing up and stretching or even better, by taking a walk around where you are working, move up and down the stairs, or head into the garden. Say by just moving around and stretching you can improve on 2 fronts. This will help in a long way in your health and wellbeing. Start with setting up a regular routine to prepare your body. This will go a long way for you to be active and fit every day. As by planning out a physical activity or going on an exercise break either by yourself or by joining an online class, it helps by setting up a time to be active online with your friends or colleagues. Follow a schedule as with making a specific time to be active helps in ensuring you get your daily physical activity. Add the time in your diary and it will be a useful tool for helping you with reminders. Another factor with less fitness physical activities is that it leads to weight gain. Here are the 7 best diet tips to lose weight and improve your health.


  1. Fill up on fiber. Doing this helps in a long way as the latter is found in healthy foods including vegetables, fruits, beans and the whole grains.

  2. Ditch Added Sugar.

  3. Make Room for Healthy Fat.

  4. Minimize Distractions.

  5. Walk Your Way to Health.

  6. Bring out Your Inner Chef.

  7. Have a Protein-Rich Breakfast.


As to help you out in panning well for achieving weight loss results, we now share here with you some celebrity ideas that worked for them. Yes! Try following them and you may benefit as well.


  • Sonam Kapoor

    Her exercise regime is consisting mainly of fun activities. All those that burn calories. These like Yoga, Pilates, squash and swimming. As for her strength and stamina goals, Sonam undergoes weight training twice on a weekly basis. As per some media reports, she has lost about 30 kgs with the help of this routine.

  • Sonakshi Sinha

    This mega star takes spin classes, does some weight training and also the cardio workout. All targeted towards burning calories and staying fit. The physical activities of cycling, swimming and tennis are also a constant part of her exercise routine. All of which are for stamina building and the overall fitness. Further to add to a supple and flexible body, she also practices hot yoga on occasions.


  • Katrina Kaif




This mega star is very dedicated to her exercise routine and ensures that she jogs on the beach. As it is with the sand which offers her a good resistance. Which is a key for a vigorous workout. Post her daily jogging, she goes ahead and hits the gym for the iso-plank exercises, the leg-workouts and her cardio routine. She is also known to cycle twice in a week. As this is intended for toning in her leg muscles.


  • Alia Bhatt




The acting diva as she is famously called works out with an interesting fitness regime. She is learnt to not hit the gym hard for hours on end, but instead is known of choosing to be creating a combination of training exercises. These are including a few like the altitude training, kickboxing, beach running, circuit training, swimming and even weights workout. She is known of performing lunges and squats and hits the treadmill every day. This actress ensures that she exercises every part of her body for a toned look and for a fab physique.


Here is a pro tip to successfully lose weight. In consuming proteins lies the single most important nutrient for losing weight. By eating protein at 25 to 30% of calories leads to boosting metabolism by 80 to 100 calories daily and makes you automatically eat several hundred fewer calories per day. Thus you manage how to look slim in tops just perfectly.

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