Why Missing A Friday Fitness Is A Big Loss

Why Missing A Friday Fitness Is A Big Loss

We understand the prevailing conditions for personal healthy living are a mismatch. Heading out is not recommended. How to ensure then our own fitness and wellbeing?


Explore Fitness Goals From Home! Avoid the gym.


  1. Exercise in your home only

    Stay fit from your home with doing basic exercises for fitness. Do medium to light intensity workouts Follow on a healthy diet regime?

    Find Home Workout Videos here. 

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB3TVBmgUYc

  2. Do leg exercises

Stay fit and healthy with a healthy leg. Keep the leg muscles toned with more physical activity rather than a lot of resting. Use the tread mill everyday for a few minutes.

  1. Try stretching

    Do home stretching exercises to stay fit and healthy. Have a toned body right along the way. 


  2. Walk-Up & Down The Stairs

    If you cannot go outside then try physical activity for starters.

  3. Lift a minimum 1 Kg weights

    This way your arms wont slag! Also, you would be having a toned body while being home. Continue healthy fitness exercises from your home during this phase.


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