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Will Weight Loss Ever Rule The World

Will Weight Loss Ever Rule The World

So you wish to achieve weight loss and keep it off yourself. Great! Yes, you have crossed the first part by deciding. The world obesity day will be celebrated on March 4'2020. We share some insights into sustainable weight loss here. Both losing weight and keeping it so is tough but possible.


As per a 2017 review, 42 percent of adults reported having tried to lose weight sometime in the previous 12 months. Lots of people are trying to achieve the same and a lot many are gaining it back. But we all know someone who has tried it and attained success in losing weight.



What leads to weight loss success?


A never-ending list of factors including:
✔️ Healthy food and exercise,
✔️ But also sleep,
✔️ Stress management,
✔️ Hormone health,
✔️ Self-esteem,
✔️ Past weights and
✔️ Those pesky genetics all have an influence on losing weight.


As per Nishta Roy, a New Delhi based dietitian and nutrition counselor, shares an insight. A lot goes into making losing weight a success than the math of calories in and calories out. She shares in the modern age with varied food cycles the need of the hour is in food products aiding to lose weight.


How to lose weight in a healthy, effective and sustainable way❓


Here we share some points to assist you:



⭐ First decide if it is an effective option for you


As per research more than 40,0000 adults were found to be overweight. Some 29 percent of people were classified as having obesity. Weight loss efforts have a linked emotional toll.


⭐ Many other factors then simple diet changes have an influence


This healthy lifestyle journey is flooded with many factors making it difficult to attain. The body has a knack of fighting back against calorie restriction. Thus, being physically active is imperative.


⭐ Figuring out the ‘Why’


It is important to go deep down and know why is it that you want to lose weight. Is the motivation appearance or social reasons. An analysis will keep you dedicated even on days when you aren’t feeling motivated.   


⭐ Remember not all strategies are for everyone


There are plenty of options to lose weight for yourself. Seeing your weight rise does not provide you with any actionable steps that you can take. Strategies like exercise, correct food, fitness products , etc. are there for help. There’s no one right way to lose weight so look out and decide for yourself.  



⭐ Select weight loss strategies based on flexibility, not perfection


Be happy, relaxed and positive during your healthy lifestyle journey. Just as it takes time for good things to happen, so does weight loss. So take up, move on and continue on the weight loss journey – happily.


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