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Your DIY Natural Collagen Fruit Face Mask Machine

Your DIY Natural Collagen Fruit Face Mask Machine

Imagine how cool it would be if you could print fruit face masks right in front of your eyes❓ No need to go to the store for your set of masks ever again. You very well know that collagen is a miracle skin treatment! It helps by giving your skin a younger, healthier look by minimizing fine lines and firming the skin. Did you know you can make your own collagen treatment from home❓ An all-natural DIY face mask helps boost your skin’s collagen-producing abilities. Go on and try one out tonight and refrigerate any leftovers to use within a week. 


5 Salient Features Of The Best Face Masks


✔️ An intelligent voice broadcasting function

With a power button to control all the programs simply by clicking this to switch or confirm the mask making mode and the cleaning mode. The making procedure only requires five minutes. This is a very economic and convenient way to do a safe facial beauty from home.

✔️ Environmentally friendly, healthy and safe mask machine

This mask is made from purified water, fruit juice, and collagen. It is FDA certified, so this is healthy, environmentally friendly and safe to use to shine your skin. So no worrying about the side effects. Simply enjoy the natural mask and the skin massage.

✔️UVC sterilization technology

This is easy to clean. Just operate by pressing the button to the cleaning mode. Set it to automatic heating and washing it to remove the left substances inside the machine.

✔️ Private custom masks for different needs

As per the skin shiny need, the selection of the mask type can be made. Select from making either of the following types:
🔼 Fruit and vegetable mask,
🔼 Grain mask,
🔼 Tea mask,
🔼 Essential oil mask,
🔼 Milk mask,
🔼 Red wine mask,
🔼 Compound fruit mask with different natural and healthy ingredients.


✔️ FDA Certified

This is FDA certified product . It is absolutely safe and secure for usage. So be assured of purchasing for better nutrient absorption for facial skin. All in all for providing you a:
😄 Green skincare,
😄 Whitening skin,
😄 Restoring skin flexibility and vitality.



Who would've thought it was this easy to make your own face mask! highly recommend I bought it for my mom for her birthday and she's absolutely in love! It's like a little robot it speaks to let you know what it's doing and beeps when the mask solution is ready to be poured out into the mold. It also cleans itself so you don't have to worry about that! Just pour water in to clean and let it do its thing! " - Tripti Desai shared with us her review of the product.


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DISCLAIMER: This post has been written for Nutrafy brand. I am presently working with the organization, Nutrafy


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